August 21, 2015 Sports and Activities

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Sports will begin this week: Please make sure you have registered your son or daughter.

Monday, August 24th
M/S Boys Soccer  will begin at 3:45pm and finish up at 5:15pm. The team will meet on the pitch with Coach Papis, Coach Kofi, and Coach Hurst
H/S Boys Volleyball will meet in the Gymnasium at 4:45pm.  Practice will finish up at 6:30pm.  Coach Bowler, Robson, and Sambou
H/S Girls Volleyball will meet on the Back Court (Behind the PE Palace) at 4:45pm.  Practice will finish up at 6:30pm.  Coach Omosefe, Coach Forgeron, Coach Gress-White

Tuesday, August 25th
M/S Girls Soccer will begin at 3:45 and finish up at 5:15pm.  The team will meet on the pitch.  Coach Carpenter, Coach Cushing

Wednesday, August 26th
4th-12th Grade Swimming will begin.  Swimmers meet at the pool at 4:15. Practice will conclude at 6:00pm  Coach Leinbech, Coach Leinbech, Coach Besic, and Coach Martin
M/S Boys Soccer:  3:45-5:15pm
H/S Girls Volleyball (Gymnasium): 4:15-6:00pm 
H/S Boys Volleyball (Back Court): 4:15-6:00pm 

Thursday, August 27th
M/S Girls Soccer:  3:45-5:15pm
Swimming:  4:15-6:00

Friday, August 28th
H/S Boys Volleyball:  4:15-6:15pm Gymnasium
H/S Girls Volleyball:  4:1506:15pm Back Court