Sports and Activities-September 13 2013

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 HS Volleyball Boys and Girls

Practices-next week –Boys –Tuesday-3:30pm-4:45pm, Wednesday-6:45am-8am, Thursday 4:45pm-6pm, Girls: Monday-3:30pm-5pm, Thursday-3:30pm-5pm Coaches Boys-Mr. Donauer and Mr. Randy, Girls -Mr. Levers and Ms. Cushing also Mr. Gerard Sambou will help with some of the practices

 Matches this week:

Wednesday 18 September-4pm-ISD Boys A and B vs. DA @ ISD-Go Jaguars!

Wednesday 18 September –ISD Girls A vs. DA @ DA-bus departs @ 3:30pm and returns at 6pm-playing for the Rutherford Challenge Trophy

Wednesday 18 September-4pm-ISD Girls B vs. CSE @ ISD

 MS Soccer- Boys and Girls

 Practices next week: Tuesday/Thursday 3:30pm-5:15pm- Coaches-Boys-Ms. Roderick and Mr. Papis, Girls-Mr. Lambert and Mr. Guedo Doe

 Matches this week:

Saturday 21 September-10am- ISD A Boys’ vs DA @ DA-bus departs @ 9am-Playing for the Rutherford Challenge Trophy -Go Jaguars!


Grade 4-12 Swimming Boys and Girls

Practices next week: Tuesday/Thursday-7am-8am and 3:30pm-5pm-Swimmers must attend 2 practices per week. Coaches-Mr. Andrews Ms. Ermanovics and Mr. Te Huki

 Saturday 14 September: Practice and information meeting for all swimmers and parents for our WAISAL trip to Lagos Nigeria. This meeting and practice is only for those swimmers who will definitely or who are a maybe of travelling to Lagos.

 Saturday September 21: 10am-1pm-ISD swimmers swim meet. All swimmers to attend this swim session-time trials- Go Jaguars!

Grade 4/5 Basketball

Practices will be held during ASA which begins the week of September 23


WAISAL-Fall Events

AD/AC meeting-Oct 20-Lincoln Community School, Accra Ghana

Gr 4-12 Swimming-Oct 31-Nov 3-American International School of Lagos, Nigeria

HS Volleyball-Nov 14-17-Lincoln Community School, Accra Ghana

MS Soccer-Dec 5-8-International School of Dakar-Senegal