Sports and Activities April 3 2014

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WAISAL HS Soccer tournament-Dakar-Wednesday April 9-Sunday April 13

We have the following schools attending the tournament: LCS Accra, ISO Ouagadougou, AIS Abuja, AIS Lagos and AIS Nouakchott-boys only. ISD has entered 2 girls’ teams and 1 boys and we are going all out to win the tournament.

Some teams arrive Tuesday and will sleep in the gym and all others arrive on Wednesday. The tournament is on Thursday-10am to 6pm, Friday-9am-6pm and Saturday 9am-4:00pm.

I have attached the following information:

Hosting lists

Match Schedule

Daily Schedule

WAISAL HOUSING HS Boys and Girls Soccer Tournament

Thank You, Thank You Thank to our students, staff and parents. We are hosting 90 visiting students and 14 staff. Without this community support and spirit, tournaments like this would not be possible.


HS Soccer-Boys and Girls

Practices Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Soccer Matches Thursday April 3rd

ISD Boys A and B vs. Ngor

ISD Black and ISD Yellow Girls vs. Ngor


ESSports Day

It was a great fun day and all students and staff had an enjoyable time. Congratulations to Red for winning the sports day, closely followed by Blue and then Yellow and Green. Thanks to the Grade 5 for organizing the chants for 2014.


MS Basketball

We have 52 MS students signed up for MS basketball. We have had 2 very successful practices this week and the students are all fired up and raring to go.


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