Sports and Activities April 3 2015

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Go Hard or Go Home!

HS Soccer Matches this week

Wednesday April 1st
4:30pm-ISD B Girls vs. Ngor-Field 2- 2-4 loss
5:30pm-ISD A Girls vs. Ngor-Field 2- 3-2 win
5:00pm-ISD C Boys vs. Quakam-Field 1- 4-3 win

Thursday April 2nd Results-Big wins!
5pm-ISD A Boys vs. Ouakam-Field 1- 6-0 win
5:30pm-ISD B Boys vs. Quakam-Field 2- 6-3 win

Soccer Games Next Week:
Thursday April 9th-5pm-@ ISD ISD B and C Boys vs. Marzin Sports

WAISAL HS Soccer Boys and Girls-Accra, Ghana

The teams will travel Wednesday April 8th and return Sunday April 12. They will attend classes until 1pm on Wednesday April 8th.  See list of players attached

Local tournament: Saturday May 9-10am-4pm

MS Basketball-Tuesdays and Thursdays-3:30pm-5pm
MS basketball started this week. We have 46 players signed up and we have started skills training and then in 2 weeks we will begin the intramural competition. Thanks to Mr. Te Huki, Mr. Ba and Mr. Gaucher for coaching MS basketball.
We have the following HS basketball players helping as well-Doudou, Saliou, Malik S, Malik D, Cydnee, Djaouar and Berney.

Local Tournament: Saturday May 16 -10am-4pm

Grade 4 and 5 Volleyball-Thursdays-3:20pm-4:45pm
We started volleyball yesterday and have 25 students signed up for this team. Thanks to Ms. Cushing and Mr. Gerard Sambou for coaching this team.

Tournament: Saturday May 16-9am-12pm

WAISAL MS Volleyball

Congratulations to the MS team on winning the WAISAL tournament in Ouagadougou. The team beat Lincoln 2 sets to 1 in the final. Thank you to the coaches and students for the great effort and time you put into preparing this team for the tournament.

WAISAL MS Mathcounts

Congratulations to our young team in this tournament. 2 of the team made it to the countdown round-top 10 students. Thanks to the students and coaches for preapring for this tournament.

ASA Trimester 3 -Monday March 30-Friday May 22

ASA started this week. 

MS and HS sign up on the google doc. If you sign up, please attend the activities or let the coach or chaperone know you will not attend the activity.

ASA GOLF: We need students to sign up for the golf activity with Mr. Bishop. We need 5 students to make this activity happen. There is a cost of 48000 CFA ( 6000 CFA per lesson with professional instructors)

Gaucher's Soccer

Next tournament Saturday May 23-9am-12pm

WAISAL Events 2015

HS Soccer Boys and Girls-AIS Lagos-Wednesday April 8-Sunday April 12

Facilities Update:

The swimming pool is open to the students and community.

Facilities opened-6am-8am and 6pm-8pm (fitness room to 8pm) 
See Mr. Te Huki if you would like to book facilities.
Please book tennis courts with Cisse (Assistant facilities manager)

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