Sports and Activities Friday April 10 2015

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Go Hard or Go Home

HS Soccer

WAISAL HS Soccer Boys and Girls-Accra, Ghana Update
So here is how the day went.... 

Girls first:

After starting out pretty slow against Ouga, the girls pulled out a 2-0 victory (Basia and Gabby scored). I was subbing about every minute since the girls were exhausted from the Ghana heat, but soon after we had a wonderful rain storm to cool things down. The games were pushed back an hour and a bit, but Dawne had it under control. 

Our second game was against LCS A and man were those lions ready to roar! They scored on us in the first half but we held our ground and took back control, with Viviane scoring a goal with only 3 minutes left in the game. So we ended up tying   1-1. The girls played well and are excited to go to bed early tonight! 

Boys next: 

The boys played Lagos first and pulled out a nice 3-0 (Samsu x2 & Gus) victory over the reining champs. There second game was against LCS A and it was a tough one. JC scored a nice free kick, but the refs weren't always on our side in the 2nd half, and LCS pulled ahead with a 2-1 victory, scoring 2 goals from free kicks. The 3rd game was against LCS B and the boys tied 1-1 (Samsu scored). 

It was a long hot and rainy day in Ghana but the kids are pumped and ready to play some more tomorrow

Here's a few shots of them!


The teams return Sunday April 12@ 2:35pm

Girls relaxing between games
Boys on Defence

HS Soccer

Local tournament: Saturday May 9-10am-4pm

HS Soccer Results-Thursday April 9

ISD B Boys vs. Ngor-5-1 win

ISD C Boys vs. Ngor-4-3 win

HS Soccer Games next week

Wed April 15 @ 4:30pm-ISD A girls vs. DA @ ISD
Wed April 15 @ 5:30pm-ISD B girls vs. DA@ ISD
Wed April 15 @ 5pm-ISD A Boys vs. DA@ ISD
Thurs April 16 @ 5pm-ISD B Boys vs. Kermane @ ISD
Thurs April 16 @ 5pm-ISD C Boys vs. Kermane @ ISD

MS Basketball
Please email or see coaches if you cannot attend practice. Thanks to Mr. Te Huki, Mr. Ba and Mr. Gaucher for coaching MS basketball.
We have the following HS basketball players helping as well-Doudou, Saliou, Malik S, Malik D, Cydnee, Djaouar and Berney.

Local Tournament: Saturday May 16 -10am-4pm

Grade 4 and 5 Volleyball
Thanks to Ms. Cushing and Mr. Gerard Sambou for coaching this team on Thursdays.

Tournament: Saturday May 16-9am-12pm

ASA Trimester 3 -Monday March 30-Friday May 22

ASA Week 2. Please pay instructors by the end of next week please.

Gaucher's Soccer

Next tournament Saturday May 23-9am-12pm

MS soccer parents and players meet on Sundays @ 5pm-6:30pm for a friendly scrimmage.