Sports and Activities January 14

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Sports and Activities-January 14 2011

Welcome back everyone and we look forward to a busy sporting and active second half of the year.


  1. ASA- After School Activities Trimester 2 ends Friday 18 February.

Thanks to the parents who have paid for their child’s activities. There are still a few who need to pay. Please pay this week!

If your child attends one of the following activities-Chess, Dance, Tennis, Circus Arts, Capoeira, Fencing and Karate. Pay directly to the instructor.


We have spaces in some activities-check the Jag Journal and board outside office. New students come and see me or email if you would like to sign up.

              ASA Reminders:

-Please encourage your child to commit for the duration of the activity.

-Students need to report to the designated venue for the activity on time.

-Students need to come prepared for their activity e.g.-swimming gear; tennis coaches have racquets for students etc

-Some activities are full and there are spaces in others. Check lists.

-Please pay fee to instructors on time.

-Please inform me, the office or the instructor if you pull out of an activity.

-The weather is hot-encourage the students in outside activities to bring a water bottle and cap/hat.



2.     ISD Sports Teams Practices and Matches:

HS Basketball

Boys A-Tuesday 3:30pm, Wednesday 4:45pm, Thursday 7am-8am

Boys B-Tuesday 3:30pm, Wednesday 7am-8am, Thursday 4:45pm-6pm

Girls-Tuesday-4:45pm. Wednesday 3:30pm, Thursday 4:45pm

We will be sending girls and boys teams to the WAISAL tournament in Ghana-February 24-27 2011. Commitment forms were sent home this week and need to be returned by Monday 17 January. after the winter break.


MS Volleyball

Boys and Girls-Wednesday and Thursday-3:30pm-4:45pm. We have 58 boys and girls playing volleyball. The MS started their intramural competition on Thursday. There are 6 teams and they will play a round robin competition. Results will be posted.


Grade 3-12- Track and Field

Boys and Girls-3:30pm-5pm. We have a group of 40 + students training with the T & F team. The team is preparing for the SIPS meet in March.


             Grade 4 to 12 Swimming team boys and girls-Mr. Noah Balazs.

            The team will swim at Piscine Olympique after the winter break-Tuesdays

            and Thursdays-4pm-5pm. A bus will take the team to and from the pool. The

            bus will depart ISD at 3:30pm and return at 5:30pm. We are finalizing plans for

             the Ghana trip and we will book tickets in 2 weeks time.


           HS Softball boys and girls-Ms. Dominique Diaby-Friday-3:30pm-5pm. This

           team is preparing for the WAIST tournament in February.


         MS Soccer Boys and Girls: We will book tickets for the trip to Burkina Faso on 

         Monday. We have 9 girls and 7 boys confirmed for the trip. The students travelling

         need to bring in passports, 2 passport photos and their yellow health card to Ms

         Emefa in the office.



  1. Gaucher Soccer Academy is back!



             Go Jaguars! Come and support our teams!

          We are planning a schedule of basketball matches for the HS Girls and Boys beginning next



         MS Volleyball intramural competition started on Thursday. I will attach the



  1. Junior Ambassadors and Manners and Me Program – Meet at the International School of Dakar on Sundays at 1:30-3:30pm in the music room.

Contact: Paullette Reed-77-647-7769, Paullette


  1. Junior Rugby: Rugby for boys and girls ages 5 years to 14 years on Friday’s at 5:00pm at ISD. Email me if you need further information.


  1. Veterans Rugby: Any HS students or adults interested in playing some contact and touch rugby, practices at ISD Saturdays-5pm-7pm.


  1.  Community sporting activities started this week.


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Athletic and Activities Coordinator

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