Sports and Activities January 24 2014

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HS Softball

Games coming up!

Saturday January 25th is a double header

@2:00pm Home Jaguars vs. Away Globetrotters

@3:00pm Home Korea vs.  Away Jaguars

 Feb 15, 16 and 17-WAIST Softball tournament@ ISD, Suffolk and Ebbets Fields

HS Basketball

No Practices Next Week-HS Basketball Boys and Girls-HS WWW


Results-Basketball-This Week

Wednesday January 22

 Girls A vs. AMD Club-28-32-Loss

Boys B vs. AMD-15-27-Loss

Boys A VS. EAB -42-16-Win

Girls B vs. AMD -11-16-Loss

Feb 8-Invitational Basketball tournament@ ISD Boys A and B and Girls

Feb 27, 28, Mar 1-WAISAL HS Boys and Girls Basketball tournament-Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

MS Volleyball- Boys and Girls

Practices: Tuesday/Wednesday- 3:30pm-5:00pm.

Thursday Feb 27-12:30pm-4pm-MS Invitational Volleyball tournament@ ISD

March 13-16-WAISAL Coed Volleyball tournament-AIS Lagos, Nigeria

Track and Field on Thursdays -3:30pm-5pm-Grade 3-12 students

Feb 8-ISD Intramural meet @ ISD -9am -12am

Feb 28-SIPS Track and Field Meet-8am-4pm-Venue to be confirmed

WAISAL Mathcounts team meets, Thursday Jan 16 and Mr. Kinkhabwala rooms-3:30pm

March 13-16-WAISAL mathcounts tournament-AIS Lagos, Nigeria

WAISAL-Winter Events

Wednesday Feb 26-Sunday March 2-HS Basketball boys and girls WAISAL tournament-International School of Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso

Sunday March 2-3-AD/AC meeting- International School of Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso

Thursday March 13-Sunday March 16-MS Coed WAISAL volleyball and mathcounts tournament-American International School of Lagos, Nigeria

WAISAL HS Boys and Girls Basketball

Players travelling to Ouagadougou-Wed Feb 26 to Sunday Mar 2 for the WAISAL HS Boys and Girls basketball tournament should have returned their registration forms to attend the tournament to Mr. Te Huki by Thursday Jan 23 ( Yesterday!). We have 7 boys and 7 girls travelling to the tournament as of yesterday with Coach Pregont and Coach Gaucher.

Gaucher’s Soccer Academy-vs. Dakar Academy-Wednesday January 29

We will select a Grade 4 and 5 soccer team from Gaucher’s Academy to play Dakar Academy @ DA on Wednesday January 29 @ 3:30pm by school bus. They will return to ISD @ 6pm.

The team will be selected on Monday and they will bring a permission form home on Monday and need to have this signed and returned to Mr. Gaucher before they can travel to DA. No permission form –no travel. Someone will need to pick the students up from ISD at 6pm on Wednesday.