Sports and Activities March 22 2011

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ASA Trimester 3 started Monday March 21 and ends Friday May 20. Please pay payment to instructors by week 2 (next week).


ASA Reminders:

-Please encourage your child to commit for the duration of the activity.

-Students need to report to the designated venue for the activity on time.

-Students need to come prepared for their activity e.g.-tennis, biking, soccer etc

-Some activities are full and there are spaces in others. Check lists.

-Please pay fee to instructors on time.

-Please inform me or the instructor if you child pulls out of an activity.


ISD Sports Teams Practices and Matches:

HS Soccer:

Girls: Tuesdays 3:30pm-4:45pm, Wednesdays-4:30pm-6pm, Thursdays-4:45pm-6pm.

Boys: Tuesdays-4:45pm-6pm, Wednesdays-7am-8am, Thurdsays-3:30pm-4:45pm


MS Basketball:

Girls: Tuesdays-3:30-5pm, Thursdays-3:30-5pm

Boys: Wednesdays-4:30-6pm, Thursdays-3:30-5pm


Gaucher’s  Soccer Academy:

Please note the change for Wednesday practice times for Gaucher’s Academy. We made the change as our ISD HS boys and girls’ teams will begin practice this week and they will need the field on Wednesdays 4:30pm-6pm.

Mondays-as normal

Wednesday-3:30-4:30 (this includes the Under 15 group).




Go Jaguars! Come and support our teams!

Cricket Course in March: The course begins Saturday March 26 at ISD-1pm-3pm. Grade 5 to 12 students interested in a 6 week cricket course see the attachment. We have a certified coach from South Africa available to run a coaching course for 6 weeks. There is a fee of 40000CFA ($80.00 US). If you are interested, please turn up on Saturday. See attachment.


Murray Te Huki

Athletic and Activities Coordinator

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Mar 22, 2011, 5:43 AM