Sports and Activities May 9, 2014

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ES Swimming Classes begin Monday May 12

Swim classes begin for Kindergarten to Grade 5 during their PE class times. Classes will end Friday June 6

See swimming information attached


HS Soccer-Boys and Girls

Practices Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays No morning practices

We have an HS Boys and Girls Invitational Tournament planned for Saturday May 10. See Schedule attached-GO JAGUARS

Soccer Matches Results

Thursday May 8-ISD Girls Black vs. Aigles-2-3 and ISD Yellow vs. Aigles-1-6

Thursday May 8 -ISD Boys A -3-1 and Boys B-1-2 vs. WACA School


Games Next Week:

Tuesday May 13-ISd girls vs. Staff @ 3:45pm

Wednesday May 14-ISD Girls vs. DA @ DA Bus departs @ 3:30pm

Thursday May 15-ISD Boys vs. DA @ ISD@ 4pm

MS Basketball

Tuesday April 29 Results

Tuesday May 6-Boys 3:30pm-5pm-Lakers-12 vs. Wizards-24 and Bulls-23 vs. Heat-18

Points/Place after Round 5: Wizards-9 pts, Heat-7 pts, Bulls-4 pts, Lakers-0 pts

Games Next Week:

Tuesday May 13-Round 6 Boys-Lakers vs. Bulls and Wizards vs. Heat -Club Court

 Wednesday May 14-3:30pm-Girls A vs. EAB, 4:15pm –Boys A vs. EAB-Gym

Thursday May 15-Boys Semi-Final-Gym-Semi 1-1st vs. 4th and Semi 2-2nd vs. 3rd

We have an Invitational Tournament planned for May 24.


ES-Grade 4/5 Volleyball

Match Next Week:

Tuesday May 13-ISD vs. DA @ DA bus departs @ 3:30pm

Thanks to Mr. Levers and Ms. Kate for preparing this team for a tournament May 24.

ASA –Afterschool activities

ASA started this week. Please remind students to pay instructors. Please, Please, Please pay the instructors on time.

Please commit to the activity for the full session. NO MORE CHANGES!!!

ASA Assembly Monday May 26-Gym-3:40pm-Parents welcome to come and see the the following groups present-dance, circus arts, karate, fencing, gymnastics

Gaucher Soccer Tournament

Tournament May 17 @ ISD -9am-12pm

ASA Dates 2013-14
Trimester 3-Mar 31-May 23


Fitness Room

Great to see so many HS students using the fitness gym!

High School Students and Adults only allowed in the fitness room

Community Hours - Weekdays-6am-8am and 6pm-8pm (6pm- 7pm- winter)



ISD Teaching Staff and High School Students Hours - After 3:30pm unless there is an ASA or class activity booked in the room
Fitness Room Rules:
You must have a towel! 
Please clean off machines after use (There are paper towels and cleaning liquid in fitness room)
Re- rack weights after use
If you have been on a cardio equipment for more than 30 minutes and others members are waiting to use the machine, please allow other members to use the machine

Turn off machines after use
Backpacks, etc. should be kept in locker room (space at a premium in fitness room)
Wear proper clothing and footwear in fitness room
No cell phone use in the fitness room
See Cisse (Assistant Facilities Manager) or Guards for key if fitness room is locked.



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