Sports and Activities November 15, 2011

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ASA- After School Activities Trimester 1

ASA Trimester 1 ends Friday November 18.


ASA Elementary School Assembly-Wednesday November 23-8:30am in the gym. The following ASA groups will present their activity to the Elementary School: Dance-K-2, Fencing, Circus Arts, Karate and Capoeira


ASA- After School Activities Trimester II

Monday January 9-Friday March 2. Parents –if you would like to offer an activity please email me.



Are you interested in joining our soccer program?  Do you want your child to learn some fundamental skills and socialize through friendly matches as well? Contact  


2. ISD Sports Teams:

Games This Week: HS Volleyball Boys and Girls: Season ends this week.

Tuesday 15 November-4:30pm-HS Boys vs. CFS Club

Wednesday 16 November -4:30pm-HS Girls vs. CFS Club

Thursday 17 November 0220 –teams depart for Ghana


MS Soccer Boys and Girls: Season ends this week.

Thursday November 17-MS B Boys vs. MS Girls



Saturday November 19-Swim Team Meet@ Club Atlantique-8am-11am vs. SABS and EAB Schools


ES Grade 4/5 Basketball Season ends this week.

Wednesday November 15-3:30pm-ISD vs. DUC Club in gym


Swim Team

Tuesday-7am-8am-Swim team-Club Atlantique

Wednesday -7am-8am-Swim team-Club Atlantique

Thursday-7am-8am-Swim Team-Club Atlantique


HS Boys- Volleyball-Coach- Mr. Darren Donauer

HS Girls-Volleyball-Coach-Mr. Murray Te Huki, Mrs. Chris Zahrobsky

MS Boys and Girls Soccer- Ms. Jodie Roderick, Mr. Phillipe Lambert, Mr. Abdoulaye Ndione

Grade 4 to 12 Swimming boys and girls-Mr. Noah Balazs and Mr. Murray Te Huki

ES Grade 4/5-Basketball-Mr. Patrick Ramsay


MS WAISAL Soccer Tournament: Great Tournament. Thanks to everyone for making this tournament a success. Our girls were placed 1st ,  A boys 2nd and B Boys -8th


Homestay Forms-WAISAL MS Soccer Tournament:

Thank You! Thank You! to all hosting families-We did it! We are housing 66 boys and 19 girls. Great Effort Jaguars. A Huge Thank You! I received a call from a parent yesterday from Bamako Mali and thanking our host and school for doing such a wonderful job.


 HS WAISAL Volleyball Tournament: HS volleyball girls and boys teams will travel to Accra, Ghana for their WAISAL tournament-Thursday November 17-20.

We will be returning from Ghana on Sunday November 20 @ 0120. Please note the changed return time.


WAISAL Swim Meet: Grade 4 to 12 Swim team will travel to Lagos, Nigeria for their WAISAL tournament –Thursday December 1-4. All registration forms and money should be in to the office and coaches.

Local Swim Meet

We will have our 2nd local swim meet on Saturday November 19-8am-11am. We have invited SABS and EAB to come to the swim meet on Saturday. Mr. Balazs needs parent help for the event, please email if you can.


4. Sports and Activities Dates  2011/12

ASA- After School Activities

Trimester 1-September 19-November 18

Trimester 2-January 10-March 2

Trimester 3-March 19-May 25


WAISAL West African International Schools Activities League

MS Soccer-Dakar-Senegal-Nov 10-13

HS Volleyball-Accra-Ghana-Nov 17-20

Grade 4-12-Swimming-Lagos-Nigeria-Dec 1-4

HS Basketball-Dakar-Senegal-Feb 23-26

MS Math counts-Bamako-Mali-Mar 15-18

HS Soccer-Lagos-Nigeria-Apr 12-15


SIPS-Sports Invitational for Private Schools

Wednesday February 29-Grade 3-12-Cross country-am

Thursday March 1 –MS Volleyball-All Day

Friday March 2-Grade 3-12- Track and Field-All Day


5. Activities for the ISD Community

 Community Activities

I have attached the updated list of activities and times of community activities organized by community members throughout the week. Contact me if you have any questions.


Scuba Diving/Snorkeling

See the attachment in September 16th newsletter if you are interested in this activity. I have attached a flyer if you would like to purchase snorkeling equipment.


African Dance and Drum Classes

Anyone interested in African dance classes taught by a professional Guinean dancer. We'll be dancing to live drumming, led by Fode Bangoura (my husband) and master drummer. Classes will be on Tuesdays, at 4:30 under the tree next to the gym, and will cost 7,000 CFA per class.  Come on out and DANCE!!Djembe drum class of the year started on Thursdays.  We'll be under the tree next to the gym, starting at 4:20. If the rhythms move you, just come on over. Shelly Stein -Grade 2 teacher


Kids Rugby-Boys and Girls- 5pm-6:30pm @ ISD-No Rugby This Week!

Ladies and Gentlemen

The “Sien Fout Le Score” Rugby Club invites all students aged 5 years to 14 years interested in learning and playing the game of rugby to come along to a registration, information and playing session at ISD.

Trainings at P'TITS S'EN FOUT rugby school @ ISD 5:00 pm until 6:30 pm at the International School of Dakar                                        


Veterans Men Rugby –Saturday 5pm-7pm @ ISD-No Rugby This Week!


Dance Lessons at Club Olympic

Georgena Blair the dance teacher at ISD will be offering dance lessons at Club Olympic. See attachment from September 23 newsletter.


Murray Te Huki

Athletic and Activities Coordinator

Please check out the “WAISAL” link in JAG Journal for all information for the following WAISAL events: MS Soccer, HS Volleyball and Grade 4 -12 Swimming