Sports and WAISAL September 14 2012 Newsletter No. 2

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ISD Jaguar Sports Teams: Practices this week: 

HS Volleyball boys-Tuesday -5pm-6:15pm, Wednesday 7am-8am, Thursday-3:40pm-5pm
HS Volleyball girls-Tuesday-3:40pm-5pm, Wednesday-3:40pm-5pm, Thursday-5pm-6:15pm.
MS Soccer boys and girls-3:40pm-5:30pm
Swim team boys and girls –Grade 4-12-Tuesday and Thursday-7am-8am, 3:40pm-5pm


Matches Coming Up-Go Jaguars!
Wednesday September 19th-ISD MS Soccer Boys vs. DA @ DA-Bus departs at 3:40pm and will return between 6pm-6:30pm
Thursday September 20th-4pm-ISD MS Girls vs. DA @ ISD
Wednesday September 26-ISD HS Volleyball Boys vs. DA @ DA Bus departs at 3:40pm and will return between 6pm-6:30pm
Wednesday September 26-ISD HS Volleyball Girls vs. DA @ ISD


HS Boys- Volleyball-Coach- Mr. Darren Donauer, Mr. Scott Lever
HS Girls-Volleyball-Coach-Mr. Murray Te Huki, Mrs. Chris Zahrobsky
MS Boys soccer- Ms. Jodie Roderick, Mr. Mamadou Traore                                                                
MS Girls Soccer: Mr. Phillipe Lambert
Grade 4 to 12 Swimming boys and girls-Mr. Noah Balazs, Mr. Te Huki, Mrs. Christine Michael, Mr. John Andrews
 WAISAL Tournaments (West African Schools Activities League)
We will be hosting the WAISAL Swim Meet at ISD-November 1-4.                       
HS Volleyball girls and boys teams will travel to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso for their WAISAL tournament-Thursday November 15-18.                                    
MS Soccer team travels to Abuja, Nigeria- for their WAISAL tournament November 29-December 2 (venue to be confirmed)


We will be requesting help in the running of this swim meet:
-We need to provide homestays for 70-80 students-please see homestay signup sheet attached
-We will need help with timing, recording, marshaling etc.
-email if you can help




Swimming Classes:

The Kg to Grade 12 students will be involved in our swimming program. The classes will be taught by swimming instructors and staff from the PE department. All students are expected to take part, as this is part of the PE curriculum. If you have any questions please send us an email.


PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD HAS GOGGLES-IT IS A REQUIREMENT. We have goggles for purchase from the PE office or the Spirit Shop-5000 CFA.


The students will need:

  1. A swimming cap-optional but is recommended if your child has long hair
  2. Flip flops to wear from changing room to pool.
  3. Swimming goggles. ( We have goggles for sale @ 5000CFA from the PE office and spirit shop)
  4. Swimming suit (one piece for girls) and towel.


Middle School PE Uniforms
Thanks to Ms. Jodie Roderick and Mrs. Grainne MacRae for organizing PE uniforms for the Middle School students. Please have students put their names on uniforms. If students need extra PE uniforms they can purchase from the Spirit Shop


Sports and Activities Dates  2012/13

ASA- Afterschool Activities

Trimester 1-October 1-November 23

Trimester 2-January 14-March 8

Trimester 3-March 25-May 24


WAISAL West African International Schools Activities League

Grade 4-12-Swimming-Dakar-Senegal-Nov 1-4

MS Soccer-Abuja-Nigeria-Nov 29-Dec 2

HS Volleyball-Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso-Nov 15-18

HS Basketball-Lagos-Nigeria-Feb 21-24

MS Math counts-Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso-Mar 14-17

HS Soccer-Accra-Ghana-Apr 11-14


SIPS-Sports Invitational for Private Schools

Wednesday February 27-Grade 3-12-Cross country-am

Thursday February 28 –MS Volleyball-All Day

Friday March 1-Grade 3-12- Track and Field-All Day

Saturday March 2-HS Soccer-All Day
Community Activities in the Gym
 The following activities will begin this week: Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton-See schedule attached

See the following attachments:

-Gaucher’s Soccer Academy Newsletter
-WAISAL Swim Meet Invite

-Homestay notice WAISAL Swim meet

-ISD Community Use of Recreational Facilities



Murray Te

Athletic and Activities Coordinator

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