Sports and Activities 2011

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Sports and Activities 2011

ASA- Afterschool Activities 
Trimester 1-September 19-November 18 
Trimester 2-January 10-March 2 
Trimester 3-March 19-May 25 

MS Soccer-Dakar-Senegal-Nov 10-13 
HS Volleyball-Accra-Ghana-Nov 17-20 
Grade 4-12-Swimming-Lagos-Nigeria-Dec 1-4 
HS Basketball-Dakar-Senegal-Feb 23-26 
MS Math counts-Bamako-Mali-Mar 15-18 
HS Soccer-Lagos-Nigeria-Apr 12-15 

SIPS-Sports Invitational for Private Schools 
Wednesday February 29-Grade 3-12-Cross country-am 
Thursday March 1 –MS Volleyball-All Day 
Friday March 2-Grade 3-12- Track and Field-All Day 

Sports Teams and Coaches 2011/12 

Fall Season 
HS Volleyball Boys-Darren Donauer-Practices begin Tuesday September 6 
HS Volleyball Girls-Murray Te Huki –Practices begin Tuesday September 6 
MS Soccer Boys and Girls-Jodie Roderick /Phillipe Lambert-Practices begin Tuesday September6 
Grade 4-12 Swimming-Noah Balazs-Practices begin Tuesday September 20 in the morning 
Grade 4/5-Basketball Boys and Girls-Patrick Ramsay-Practices begin Tuesday September 20 

Winter Season 
HS Boys Basketball-Brad Philen 
HS Girls Basketball-Rachel Pregont/Omar Gueye 
MS Volleyball Boys and Girls-Niassa Harris-Henry 
MS Mathcounts-Rebekah Yeager 
Grade 4/5 –Soccer Boys and Girls-Abdoulaye Ndione 
Grade 3-12-Track and Field-Jasmine Philen, Sam Pennypacker, Sam Scoggin 

Spring Season 
HS Boys Soccer-Darren Donauer 
HS Girls Soccer-Jodie Roderick 
MS Basketball Boys and Girls-Murray Te Huki/Gaucher Kadam/Patrick Ramsay/Omar Gueye 
Grade 4/5 –Volleyball Boys and Girls-Celeste Mason/Henshaw