WAISAL AND SPORTS April 22-27, 2017

posted Apr 21, 2017, 4:11 AM by ericr@faculty.isd.sn

It has been another outstanding week for athletics at ISD.  With high school soccer complete, the focus has turned to middle school basketball and elementary school volleyball.

In basketball action last Saturday, the morning was a co-ed game between Dakar Academy and our Jaguars.  The visiting Jaguars dominated the game from start to finish.  Excellent teamwork by all the players.  Daryl led the way with 6 points.  Anna dominated the rebounding stats and Ty looked awesome defensively as the Jags pulled away defeating the Lions by 8 points.

Later that afternoon, the girls and boys separated to take on Liberty Six.  The B team girls won easily as Lou Lou was able to run past the Lightning.  Alane scored a couple of buckets as the Lady Jags won by a ten point margin.

The A team had a more difficult time as they lost by fifteen points.  Skye looked good in the loss and Keira played excellent at point guard.

The boys A team took a hard fought loss 46-50.  The boys played hard coming back from a ten point deficit at one point.  Colin played well at point guard controlling the offense.  Oumar did an outstanding job underneath the basket.

The B team also narrowly lost the contest.  Gabriel looked incredible on both ends of the court, and Max had some unbelievable plays.

The C team also lost, but played hard the entire game.

On Wednesday, the Co-Ed Team again took on DA.  This time it was a different story.  The Jags dominated every aspect of the game.  John had showed excellent hustle throughout the game.  The play of the day belongs to Nate.  He did an amazing cross-over at the top of the key.  On the cross-over, he was hacked.  Nate shot anyway and banked it in for a 3-point play.

In elementary volleyball, the A and B team opened up the season at Dakar Academy on April 20th.  The teams both won easily in straight sets against the Lions.  Tosh had an outstanding match as did Jonathan for the B Team.

Next week:  Look for sign-ups for Middle School Softball and Ultimate Frisbee

Elementary Volleyball.jpg

Schedule for the Week:


3:45:  Middle School Basketball

A and C Boys

B Team Girls

5:00:  A Team Girls

B Team Boys



3:30-5:30:  Middle School Basketball Practice

3:30-4:30:  Elementary Volleyball Practice


3:30-5:30:  Middle School Basketball Practice


12:30:  WAISAL MS Volleyball leaves for Ghana

3:30-4:30:  Elementary Volleyball Practice


MS Basketball WAISAL-  Accra, Ghana


MS Basketball WAISAL- Accra, Ghana