WAISAL and Sports Friday May 23 2014

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ES Swimming Classes Monday May 12 to Friday June 6

Swim classes begin for Kindergarten to Grade 5 during their PE class times. See swimming information attached

 HS Soccer-Boys and Girls

The season finished for the boys and girls last Wednesday with games against our rivals from across town, Dakar Academy.

Thank you to Coach Donauer for the boys and Coach Roderick and Guedo for the girls. Thanks you to all the players and coaches for your time and commitment throughout the season. The teams played some excellent soccer this year.

Please return all uniforms to your coach or the PE office this week.

 Soccer Results:

Tuesday May 13-ISD Girls vs. Staff-0-4-Huge win for the women staff. Go Staff Jags!

Wednesday May 14-ISD Girls vs. DA-1-1-girls must have been tired and down after their defeat to the staff team

Thursday May 15-ISD Boys vs. DA-2-1 win-The boys retained the Rutherford Trophy. Great way to end the season

 MS Basketball

We finished the MS Basketball Intramurals yesterday with 2 very close finals. All players improved throughout the year and are looking forward to next year. Thanks to Coach Gaucher, Omar, Tiane and Te Huki for their time and knowledge to develop their skills.


Tuesday May 20-3rd and 4th playoffs-3:35pm in gym

Girls-Yellow vs. White-22-16

Boys-Lakers vs. Heat-8-16

Wednesday May 21-4pm in Gym

Girls A vs. EAB-20-4

Thursday May 22-Finals-3:35 pm in gym

Girls-Grey vs. Brown-20-25

Boys-Wizards vs. Bulls-17-15

Final Placing’s:

Girls-1st-Crazy Ones, 2nd-Dynamite, 3rd-Demented Jaguars, 4th-Hot Shots

Boys: 1st-Wizards, 2nd-Bulls, 3rd-Heat, 4th-Lakers

 We have an Invitational Tournament planned for May 24. See organization and schedule attached

 The A Boys have a game vs. DA @ DA on Wednesday 28 May. Bus will depart at 3:30pm and return by 5:30pm


ES-Grade 4/5 Volleyball

Tournament May 24-see schedule attached:

Thanks to Mr. Levers and Ms. Kate for preparing this team for a tournament May 24.

 ASA –Afterschool activities

We have a few who have not paid their fee for ASA-please pay to PE office this week

 ASA Assembly Monday May 26-Gym-3:40pm-Parents welcome to come and see the following groups present-dance, circus arts, karate, fencing, gymnastics

 ASA has finished for 2013/14. Please email or see me if you have any feedback.


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