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ARL - Thanks Yous

posted Jun 1, 2017, 8:43 AM by Marieme MBAYE   [ updated Jun 2, 2017, 4:16 AM ]

Hello Everyone!

The school year is coming to an end, and ARL would like to celebrate with the ISD community our accomplishments!

Friday, June 2 (3:30-4:15) in room 104 to meet with Dr. Cisse, so we can make plans about the further actions we can do with the money collected.

Emma, Leonardo, Maude, Yanis, Josefine, Mona, Audrey, Shreya, Mbango, Ina, Marthe, Sidya, Elana and Nissia, all put in a tremendous amount of effort into amassing the 455,000 CFA they made at the school's last yard sale.

Thank you to Mr.John A, Mr.Eric, Ms.JulieAnne, Ms.Deanne, Mr.Brad B, Ms.Nancy, Ms.Axelle, Ms.Pam, Mr.Andrew, Ms.Toni, Ms.Wendy, Mr.Arnaud, Ms.Lisa, Ms. Friederike, Ms.Eva and so, so many parents ! None of this would have been possible without the help and collaboration of such valuable members.

This will definitely make a difference in the local streets for animals!

Animal Rescue League - Yard Sale

posted May 12, 2017, 5:24 AM by Marieme MBAYE   [ updated May 19, 2017, 10:24 AM by ISD Communications ]

Hello parents, students and teachers,

We are proud to announce that ISD is organizing a major community garage sale on Sunday May 21, from 10am to 12am. The event will take place on school campus, you are welcome to invite your spouses, children, friends and family members to join.

The Animal Rescue League is glad to have a stand on that date, where we will be selling all sorts of items: clothes, video games, game boards, electronics, music instruments, DVDs, Toys, Books, Comic Books, Art supplies, and other useful stuff!

We highly encourage you to come and buy all of our nice stuff! All funds will go to our local vaccination programs in Dakar.

We also hope some of you will have donations to give us. We accept anything as long as it is in good shape. Please drop off donations in room 104 (Mme Idir).

Thank you in advance for helping us in this process, may it be through your support, donations or even encouragements!

P.S.: Feel free to donate items that we can sell at the yard sale, this would be really helpful!

Maude and Yanis (Gr3) 
Animal Rescue League Students

Interact collects 150 school kits !!

posted Nov 14, 2016, 7:42 AM by Marieme MBAYE

On Friday, November 11, 2016, the High School Interact group made 150 school kits. They came after school and put them together with the materials that were provided for them (bags, pencils, erasers, pens, etc.) by the Rotary Club Dakar Almadies. They soon will be donating these kits to a school called Philip Senghor de Ouakam on Thursday, November 17th at 6pm.

Introduction to INTERACT

posted Sep 16, 2016, 10:31 AM by ISD Communications   [ updated Sep 16, 2016, 10:32 AM ]

Interacts are clubs for young people aged 12-18 who want to join together to tackle issues in their community that they care most about.

They are sponsored by individual Rotary Clubs which provide support and guidance, but they are self-governing.

Rotary International is a global association of Rotary Clubs with more than 1.2 million members worldwide. Rotarians are united by common values and vision for the future as they sharpen their focus with targeted specific causes that will reach communities most in need.

Every Interact club carries out at least two service projects a year: one that helps their school or community and one that promotes international understanding and goodwill.

ISD Interact Club meets at least twice a month and is sponsored by the Rotary club Dakar Almadies.

Last year our two projects were :

1) Week Without Walls Drive (Collecting school furniture and food to then distribute in Sine Saloum and Kedougou villages)

2) Carry out environmental courses for Elementary Classes (2nd grade through-4th grade)

. Develop leadership skills and personal integrity

· Create international connections

· Demonstrate helpfulness and respect for others

· Understand the value of individual responsibility and hard work

· Advance international understanding and goodwill

· Community hours (9th& 10th students)

· CAS HOURS (Mandatory for IB)

· Interact can really boost college application (Being part of an Interact Club may be very impressive on University applications and can make a real difference).

We meet on Fridays (3:30-4:00) – Room 104

Be part of the change !

Nissia (11th) & Sona (12th)

We Need Your Donations

posted Feb 5, 2016, 4:56 AM by Suzanne WARDINI   [ updated Feb 5, 2016, 5:05 AM ]

Our next Interact Club project is the Week Without Walls Drive, where we will be working in collaboration with the Peace Club to gather as many items as we can to then donate to the villages/schools we will be visiting during that week (February 22nd to the 26th).

Here is a list of items you can bring:

• Rice Bags
• Canned Food that can be stored
• School Supplies (pencils, rulers, notebooks, folders, scissors, school bags, pens, books, textbooks)
• Clothes (Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Dresses)
• Mosquito Nets/Repellant
• Shoes 
• Books
• School Bags
• Bed sheets/ Pillows
• Basic Games (Ropes/Card Games)
• Chairs (plastic or wood) 
• Textbooks
• Sports equipment
• White Boards/Markers
• Water Bottles
• Any functioning electronic devices

Bring your donations to M. Gaucher at the PE Palace.

Please make sure that donated items are in good condition. They will be transported by the school buses taking students on the WWW trips.

Hoping to have many donations!

Environmental Awareness Project

posted Apr 10, 2015, 3:37 AM by Suzanne WARDINI

Hello Jag Journal!

Animal Rescue League is starting again this 3rd Trimester at ISD. Nissia and Cosette (9th grade students) will be taking care of Elementary Students; they will teach them the importance of animals and the environment through fun activities, games and projects.

A few weeks ago, our club was contacted by a member of the Dakar Women's Group, telling us about a new Environmental Awareness Project.

We were invited to participate in it and we decided to do our project on "Marine Pollution in Dakar". This was originally a poster that was supposed to sensitize your community; we thought about ISD or even a local Senegalese Sister School.

These past two weeks our group of awesome 14 students drew a beautiful and very colorful scenario of a kid wanting Dakar's oceans to be cleaner. Another team was on the other hand, assigned the cardboard construction (painting, recycling and pasting).

In only two classes we had created a magnificent piece of ART.

Here are some pictures, and you can surely be proud of the kids who helped us!

Manuel G.
Gisela D.
Gilmara D.
Calypso R
Yeonwoo L.
Mary B.
Niki A.
Lilou B.
Laurna T.
Soda B.
Zeitoun N.
Grace A.

With the help of:
Nissia B. and Cosette C

Thanks to Mme. Idir and Mme. Bocaccini for supervising the activity.

ARL on TV show Kinkeliba

posted Mar 6, 2015, 8:37 AM by Suzanne WARDINI   [ updated Mar 6, 2015, 8:53 AM ]

Hello ISD Parents, Teachers and Students!

This past Tuesday March 3rd, was a very important day for our Animal Rescue League students from grades 4 & 5: Lilou, Calypso, Mathias, Zeytoune, Niki, Niitumwa, Sarah, Grace and Dolores. This second trimester, Cosette (9th grade) and Nissia (9th grade) have been working on endangered animal posters and the importance of wildlife and the environment to our group of ARL kids. 

This is what caught the attention of the RTS (Senegalese TV channel) journalist - Mr Dione Adama - who came to ISD on Tuesday, March 3rd in order to interview our group about our plans and goals in the club. The students reflected on the past ARL ASA courses they've had, which made them really happy since the activity will be shown on TV program called Kinkeliba. This is planned for Thursday, March 5th at 6:30 in the morning on RTS 1.

This experience really delighted the kids who got the chance to be asked questions and the opportunity to express themselves freely in front of a camera.
Here are some pictures.

We will soon be posting a link to the video, for those of you who would be interested in watching it.

2015 "THE" year for ARL

posted Jan 16, 2015, 9:21 AM by Suzanne WARDINI

Hello ISD community!

2015 is going to be "THE" year for ARL. A fresh new start for a fresh new program.

Cosette and Nissia (Grade 9) are in charge of the ARL After School Activity for this year's 2nd trimester.

The kids will participate in various activities that will raise their awareness on animals and the environment. We have many awesome projects that we are still figuring out with our 10 Super ARL Kids! 

Possible Ideas: Field Trips to Bandia, Visit a Vet's office, do a beach clean-up, etc..

Here is our program (click HERE); feel free to check-it out!

Animal Rescue League is Back in Action

posted Sep 19, 2014, 4:53 AM by Suzanne WARDINI   [ updated Sep 19, 2014, 4:54 AM ]

Hello teachers, parents and students! 

Welcome again to the fresh 2014/2015 ISD school year.  I hope most of you are all excited about that!

This year, ARL has numerous goals to accomplish and, this is why we're waiting for YOU to join our team!

Animal Rescue League will be having an after school activity during trimesters 2 and 3 in room 306 (Mme Idir's class). 

ARL will be in charge of informing students about animals, their importance in our ecosystem and, why it is crucial that we protect them. The students will also learn about the environment, and why we should preserve nature's beauties. Field trips, fundraisers and fun plays are getting set up for this activity.

The Animal Rescue League is still looking for a HS/MS ISD student to help out. If you are willing to join, please contact Nissia B. at

We are planning to vaccinate ISD's feral cats. This action will take place either next weekend, or the weekend after.

Don't forget that the ARL team accepts anyone to join its growing, animal-friendly group.  To join or make a donation, please contact us using one of the email addresses below.

A Home for Lulu

posted May 16, 2014, 9:04 AM by Suzanne WARDINI


She turned 2 in April of this year. We rescued her from a litter o
f 8 puppies in front of a friend's house where her parents live on the street. She has been spayed and has had all her shots. She is healthy, eats we
ll and loves playing with her brother Musky that lives down the road.

She gets along with all our family members, 
housekeeper and guards. Our boys play with her constantly so Lulu has learned how to be gentle with children. She is definitely an outside dog, though she doesn't mind coming in and laying on the carpets.

We need to find a suitable family that will love and welcome Lulu into their home. We are unable to take her to our next post in Geneva. 

For more information or if you have any questions, please email Chris

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