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ARL Update - January 10, 2014

posted Jan 10, 2014, 8:26 AM by Suzanne WARDINI

Hey everyone! This is some news for you about what ARL has been up to during the break, with the money the ARL students raised.

We have been very busy with ARL - we managed to have 5 street animals sterilised during the past week and we will be taking more to the vets during the next few days.
We have also treated 17 street dogs for mange - we have to go back to them in 2 weeks time to give them their 2nd treatment.

We have 6 foster kittens and 4 adult cats that were abandoned that need homes urgently. We are planing to makes posters with photos and to display them at the vets offices this week.

There are also 3 small puppies that we are looking after. Someone picked them up and then brought them to us. They also need homes urgently. 

We are also working on a very exciting project with a mining company that wants ARL to help them deal with the cat and dog problem on their premises. They are prepared to fund this project and we are doing a lot of research about mass sterilisation in order to give the company our proposal. This will probably happen in 2014 some time and we are very eager about this upcoming project.