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Environmental Awareness Project

posted Apr 10, 2015, 3:37 AM by Suzanne WARDINI
Hello Jag Journal!

Animal Rescue League is starting again this 3rd Trimester at ISD. Nissia and Cosette (9th grade students) will be taking care of Elementary Students; they will teach them the importance of animals and the environment through fun activities, games and projects.

A few weeks ago, our club was contacted by a member of the Dakar Women's Group, telling us about a new Environmental Awareness Project.

We were invited to participate in it and we decided to do our project on "Marine Pollution in Dakar". This was originally a poster that was supposed to sensitize your community; we thought about ISD or even a local Senegalese Sister School.

These past two weeks our group of awesome 14 students drew a beautiful and very colorful scenario of a kid wanting Dakar's oceans to be cleaner. Another team was on the other hand, assigned the cardboard construction (painting, recycling and pasting).

In only two classes we had created a magnificent piece of ART.

Here are some pictures, and you can surely be proud of the kids who helped us!

Manuel G.
Gisela D.
Gilmara D.
Calypso R
Yeonwoo L.
Mary B.
Niki A.
Lilou B.
Laurna T.
Soda B.
Zeitoun N.
Grace A.

With the help of:
Nissia B. and Cosette C

Thanks to Mme. Idir and Mme. Bocaccini for supervising the activity.