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April 15, 2016

posted Apr 15, 2016, 4:00 AM by Suzanne WARDINI   [ updated Apr 15, 2016, 9:12 AM ]

Dear ISD Community,

ISD School Board Elections 2016 
ISD Needs your vote! Four ISD parents are running for election to serve on the ISD Board of Trustees. A personal link to vote online was sent to all ISD association members (parents and guardians of students, and faculty) from electionbuddy (our e-voting service provider) last Friday 8 April. If you haven’t yet voted, please click on the link to vote in less than one minute. Your vote counts!

Annual General Meeting of the ISD ASSOCIATION 
The ISD Association will hold its Annual General Meeting next Thursday 21 April 2016, starting at 6.00 pm in the ISD gym. Refreshments (courtesy of the Abracadabra catering company) will be served from 5:30 pm and babysitting services will be provided.
All ISD parents and guardians and faculty are cordially invited to attend the AGM. Come and hear about your school: how school leadership is structured and what it focused on this year, parent feedback on ISD, how the school uses its budget, and its development plans for the next few years. The AGM is also an opportunity for the school to thank various staff and faculty members for their service and dedication to ISD.

APRIL 2016 Board Meeting Agenda 
The Board of Trustees will hold its April meeting on Tuesday 19 April, 2016 at 6.00 pm, in the ISD Conference room (top floor, ISD Admin building). ISD Board meetings are open to all ISD parents and faculty, who may attend as observers. Below is the Agenda for Tuesday 19th’s meeting.

ISD School Board Meeting Agenda 
Tuesday 19 April, 2016 
6.00 pm, ISD Conference Room 

I. Public comment (6:00 – 6:10)
Opportunity for non-Board member to address Board if requested.

II. Consent Agenda (6:10 – 6:15)
A. Minutes approval
B. School Reports (Director and Principals)

III. Educational Program Update (6:15 – 6:30)
Student IB Experience at ISD (ISD Seniors Mohamed Camara and Mitiasoa Razafy; 10 min + Q & A, 5 min)

IV. Reports by representatives (6:30 – 6:35)
A. US Ambassador’s Representative
B. Faculty Representative

V. Committee reports (6:35 – 6:40)
A. Finance
B. Governance & Development
C. Buildings & Grounds
D. Policy

VI. Discussion Items (6:40 – 8:20)
A. Parent Student Satisfaction Survey
B. Recommendation of External Auditor
C. Long-term Financial Plan:
1st reading
D. Proposed policy: Harassment policy – 2nd reading
E. Proposed policy amendment: Tuition refunds policy – 2nd reading
F. Proposed policy: Withdrawal and Expulsion policy – 1st reading
G. Campus Master Plan
H. PAC Concept design
I. New Capital Projects
J. Annual Board Self-Assessment Survey

VII. Decision Items (8:20– 8:25)
A. External Auditor
B. New Capital Projects
C. Campus Master Plan
D. PAC Concept design
E. Harassment policy
F. Tuition refunds policy

VIII. Meeting evaluation (8:25 – 8:30)

IX. Schedule for next meetings; planning reminders (8:30 – 8:35)

X. Executive session

Vesna de la Borde, Chair, ISD Board of Trustees