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Board Meeting Agenda

posted Dec 2, 2016, 3:32 AM by Marieme MBAYE
Dear ISD Community,

ISD is a diverse community of learners that fosters creativity, open-mindedness, responsibility and excellence. As an IB World School, ISD promotes student achievement and global citizenship.

This is how ISD’s guiding statements begin. The guiding statements explain the mission and vision of the school and they underpin the decisions made by us as the school’s Trustees. You can read them all on the school website at: .

We have one more meeting of the ISD Board before the winter break. As always, ISD Board meetings are open to all ISD parents and faculty, who may attend as observers. You can check the full calendar of Board meetings on the “ISD Board News” panel at the front of the school and you are also welcome to contact us at

The meeting will be held on Thursday 8 December 2016 at 6.00pm, in the ISD Conference room (top floor, ISD Admin building). Refreshments are served at 5:30pm.

The Agenda is set out below.

Louisa Gibbs, Chair, ISD Board of Trustees

I. Welcome and articulation of ISD’s Guiding Statements (6:00 – 6:05) 

II. Public comment (6:05 – 6:15)

Opportunity for non-Board member to address Board if requested. 

III. Consent Agenda (6:15 – 6:20)
Items to be approved by general consensus can be removed from consent agenda by any one member of the Board.
A. Minutes approval
B. School Reports (Director and Principals)
C. Committee Reports (Finance, G&D / Policy) 

IV. Educational Program Update (6:20 – 6:40)
Introduction to MYP and PYP and a reflection on the history of the IB diploma program at ISD. 

V. Reports by representatives (6:40 – 6:45)

As needed, verbal reports (total 5 minutes)
A. US Ambassador’s Representative (Jenna Diallo)
B. Faculty Representative (Sandra Goldsborough) 

VI. Discussion Items (6:45 – 7:55)
(Trustees, Director and assigned presenters; total 70 mins)
A. Proposed 2018-2019 school calendar, 2nd reading (Alan Knobloch; 10 min)
B. 2015-2016 financial statement, 1st reading (Thiaba Camara Sy; 10 min)
C. 2015-2016 audit report and internal controls (Alan Knobloch; 20 min)
D. Appointments to the Board (Louisa Gibbs, 30 min) 

VII. Decision Items (7:55 – 8:00)
A. Motion to approve – 2018-2019 school calendar 

VIII. Meeting evaluation (8:00 – 8:05) 

IX. Schedule for next meetings; planning reminders (8:05 – 8:10)

Committee meetings, schedule for next month