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Recreational Facilities

posted Aug 29, 2013, 1:50 PM by Unknown user
Please sign pool waiver before entering the pool. Thanks and welcome to all those who have signed up for 2013/14
Hours for Pool and Club
Week Days-5pm-8pm
Tennis Courts
Please book courts with Cisse Bakary-Pool and Club Manager. Cisse works everyday and is off on Wednesdays. We do have tennis coaches available, email murray@isd.sn if you need a coach.
ISD members are welcome to bring guests to the pool or tennis courts but they need to purchase guest passes from the cashier in the finance office. 1 pass 2500 CFA or a book of 10, 25000CFA
If you need to book the sports or recreational facilities please make an appointment to see or email Mr. Te Huki. murray@isd.sn