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Recreational Facilities

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ISD Community Use of Recreational Facilities


As a school community, we are fortunate to have athletic and recreational facilities that may be used by ISD families. Included in these facilities are tennis courts, a fitness room, shower rooms, pool, playgrounds, the field and gym. These facilities will only be open and available to the ISD community during non-school hours and in a way that does not impact ISD sports and/or educational programs.


Our improved facilities are a benefit to all, but we must remember that they are a privilege for users and also present a liability for the school. Guidelines for use have been created and may be amended at any time by the ISD administration as needed.


ISD community access to our recreational facilities outside of school hours does notinclude access to any of the school/classroom buildings. For safety and security reasons, no parents or students are allowed in or around any of the classrooms or verandas outside of regular school hours. Thank you for your cooperation.


Below please read the 2012-2013 ISD Facilities Use Guidelines and Swimming Pool Use Waiver. The waiver must be signed and submitted to ISD before enjoying the pool. 



Community Availability Starts 15 September

 (ISD activities ALWAYS take precedent)

Reservation/Rental Process

Tennis Courts

Weekdays:  5pm-8pm


Weekends:  8am-8pm

Must sign in with Recreational Facilities Manager, Bakary Cisse. His office is next to the pool.



Weekdays:  6am-8am and 5pm-8pm


Weekends: 10am-8pm


**Pool is supervised during weekend hours only.


**Students Grade 8 and below must be supervised by a parent.


Not necessary for individual use. For group rental/party, contact ISD Athletic Director, Murray Te Huki, by emailmurray@isd.sn.

Outdoor Basketball Courts

Weekdays:  5pm-8pm


Weekends: 10am-8pm

Not necessary for individual use. For group rental, contact ISD Athletic Director, Murray Te Huki, by emailmurray@isd.sn.


Preschool Playground


Weekdays:  5pm-8pm


Weekends: 10am-8pm

Not necessary; cannot be exclusively reserved.



Elementary School Playground


Weekdays:  4pm-8pm


Weekends: 10am-8pm

Not necessary; cannot be exclusively reserved.

Locker Room

Weekdays:  6am-8am and 5pm-8pm


Weekends:  8am-8pm


Not necessary, sign in with guards when entering campus.

Fitness Center**



Weekdays:  6am-8am and 5pm-8pm


Weekends:  8am-8pm


**Students Grade 8 and below are not allowed in the Fitness Center.

Not necessary, sign in with guards when entering campus – key will be kept with Recreational Facilities Manager, Bakary Cisse. His office is by the pool.



Gymnasium and Field**



Must always be reserved for rental and use.



Contact ISD Athletic Director, Murray Te Huki.


**Note that the field is still not ready for use of any kind


2012-2013 ISD Facilities Use Guidelines


Guiding Principles

1.     ISD facilities are primarily for the promotion of the ISD educational program. Therefore, any ISD educational and/or extra-curricular activity for students takes priority for facilities use. Other uses may be allowed at the discretion of the ISD administration.


2.     ISD is a community school and hopes to – without adversely impacting educational and extra-curricular programs – support community cohesion by allowing for use of our facilities by ISD families.  


3.     Facilities will be made available for use based on the following priorities:

·       First priority shall be given to all school-sponsored activities.

·       Second priority shall be given to all activities directly benefiting ISD students and faculty.

·       Third priority shall be given to activities serving the broader ISD Community.

·       Requests from outside the ISD community will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Administration.


4.     Safety of users and limitation of ISD liability are always primary concerns when considering facilities use. Individual users take risk by using the pool or other facilities and must recognize and take responsibility for that risk.


5.     Parent presence is absolutely required for children Grade 8 and below – children Grade 8 and belowmust be accompanied by a parent who will supervise and take responsibility for their actions. Childrenmay not be sent to the ISD recreational facilities under care of maids, nannies, or drivers.


Rules for Facilities Use:

1.    Students, parents of currently enrolled students, and faculty (both teachers and non-teaching professionals) may use tennis courts, shower rooms, pool, and field during non-instructional time, including weekends. Reservation and/or rental fees may apply.


2.    Facilities are open for community use on weekdays, weekends and school holidays based on a schedule published by the Athletic Director.


3.    ISD family members 3 years-old and under who are not enrolled at ISD may use the facilities for free; children over 3 who are not enrolled at ISD are considered guests and must come on a guest pass.


4.    The third Saturday of every month, ISD maintenance, security, and janitorial staff and their families may also enjoy the facilities. If this day conflicts with an ISD student event, the staff day will be rescheduled in the month. Staff and families will be allowed on this day to use the ISD recreational facilities under the same guidelines outlined above. Staff should not bring guests outside of their immediate family.



5.    Guests of ISD community members may use facilities on weekends and holidays only, but must pay for a pass.

·      Single-use passes will be available for 2,500CFA; multiple-use passes will be available for 25,000CFA for 10 single-use tickets.

·      Tickets will be available for purchase from the ISD cashier’s office during regular school hours only. No cash will be handled after school or on weekends.

·      Guests must be in the company of an ISD community member Grade 9 or older. One member may invite no more than two guests at a time; guests must have passes to enter the recreational area.

·      Guests may visit the facility twice in one calendar month. This is regardless of who signs them in.

·      Guests’ behavior is the responsibility of the ISD community member with whom they came.


6.    Understanding that there are risks inherent in athletic activities or pool use, all users will be asked to sign a waiver recognizing that they are assuming all risks associated with facilities use.


7.    Proper behavior is required for use of ISD facilities.

·      Parents are expected to monitor their children’s behavior.

·      Again, children Grade 8 and under are not allowed to use the facilities without a parent present.

·      Proper behavior includes, but is not limited to, community-sensitive dress, language, and activities, as well as prohibitions on smoking, dangerous play, or fighting.

·      Proper care of facilities and equipment is expected.


8.    When there is a lifeguard supervising the pool, that person has the authority and duty to remove and report to ISD Administration any person who is flagrantly violating safety or other pool rules. Any ISD employee has the authority to remove and report to ISD Administration any person who is violating safety or other pool rules.


ISD Responsibilities:

  1. ISD will provide staff and lifeguards at the pool on weekends and holidays from 10am-8pm.


  1. Security guards will be fully conversant in the facility-use guidelines and be trained to insist on passes for all visitors, including guests.


  1. The security staff will maintain a sign-in book and complete record of guest-pass tickets collected.


  1. Funds collected from pass sales will be accounted for so as to allow reporting on income and expenses related to maintaining access to these facilities.


  1. ISD will communicate clearly to the community the calendar for our recreational facilities.



Reserving ISD Facilities:

1.     ISD will allow the rental of the pool and some other facilities for private events.


2.     If parents are interested in renting ISD facilities, please contact the Athletic Director for schedule of availability, fees, and rules.


3.     ISD will not rent its facilities to outside groups for parties, including weddings.


4.     When renting:

·      Parents assume all costs associated (lifeguard costs, extra cleaning costs, etc) and will pay rental fees prior to usage.

·      Parents are required to be present and to have an appropriate number of adults to supervise the number of children who will be attending the event.

·      Parents will designate one person in charge and provide the Athletic Director’s office with a list of all attendees.

·      Parents will take responsibility for any special cleaning and breakage of or damage to ISD facilities.

Adopted by ISD Board Ad Hoc Committee on May 2012







Swimming Pool Use Waiver – International School of Dakar


All persons using the pool or pool area do so at their own risk and sole responsibility.  The International School of Dakar assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use.  As a condition of use of the pool, users agree to make no claim against ISD for any loss of life or personal injury, or damage to or loss of personal property, except where such loss, injury or damage can be clearly proved to have resulted from and been proximately caused by the direct negligence of ISD, its agents or employees, in the operations, care, or maintenance of the facility.


General rules for use of the pool

      Every person within the pool area must obey the instructions of the lifeguard or face dismissal.

      By being present with their children, parents ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY and are in charge of the safety and security of their child and any friends brought with their child to the pool.

      Individuals who use the pool when a certified lifeguard is not present do so at their own risk.

      Pool users must wash off in the showers before entering the pool.

      No running, pushing, shoving, dunking, or other horseplay is permitted in the pool area.

      No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be allowed in the pool area.

      Community-appropriate swimwear is required.

      The pool (and entire campus) is a non-smoking area.

      Pets are not permitted within the pool area.

      Audio devices should only be used with headphones.

      Alcohol is not allowed poolside or when swimming.

      No eating while in the pool.

      No person with a communicable disease (e.g. impetigo, pink eye, etc.) shall enter the pool.

      Children Grade 8 and under must be accompanied by a parent who will supervise and take responsibility for their actions. Children may not be sent to the ISD recreational facilities under the care of maids, nannies, or drivers. Parent presence is absolutely required.




I (print name)_____________________________________ have read the rules for use of the ISD swimming pool and agree that I and my family members and guests will abide by them. I further acknowledge that I agree to the conditions identified in this Swimming Pool Use Waiver.


Parents and ISD students in our family who may accompany me to use the pool are listed below. Grades for all family members are also included:


___________________________Gr._______                         ___________________________Gr. _______


___________________________Gr._______                         ___________________________Gr.________


I agree to fulfill the role of designated responsible person or to identify a suitable designated responsible person when my children are in the pool area.




 _______________________________                     ______________

Parent or Employee Signature                             Date


 _______________________________                     _____________

Athletic Director Initials upon receipt                          Date