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This is an email from the ISD Boy and Girl Scouts

posted Mar 8, 2012, 10:51 PM by Marylene, MICHELET   [ updated Mar 9, 2012, 11:32 AM ]
Please take the time to clean out your boxes and closets and help really deserving children and their teachers at the same time!
This is a message from the ISD Boy and Girl Scouts

 "Bring a toy, spread some joy!"

Dear ISD community,

As part of our community service we are organizing a TOY DRIVE to collect toys for 3 centres for children with disabilities. The Centre Talibou Dabo (public center for children with mostly physical disabilities), CEFDI (public center for children with intellectual disabilities such as Down’s syndrome, autism etc), and the Centre Aminata Mbaye (a private center for children with intellectual disabilities). All centres are located in Grand Yoff. The two public centres have the greatest need.

Donate toys that support the development of play and other skills, (e.g. toys that help children learn and practice how their eyes and hands can work together, how to train their fingers to use small things).

Ideas for Toys (though ANY toy is appreciated!)
  • jigsaw puzzles (all sizes)
  • sorting squares
  • legos
  • dolls to dress up
  • beads and string
  • jump ropes
  • balls
  • bowling sets
  • building sets
  • transformers, action figures etc......

NOTE: Donated toys should be in good condition and already cleaned by the students donating them.

Collection boxes will be in the 6th and 7th grade classrooms from Tuesday, March 13 through Friday, March 30th.  In addition, a collection table will be outside the office after school from from 3:20 to 4:00pm on March 12 - 15th, Monday, March 19th and Monday, March 23 through Friday March 30th.

You have a lot to give so please go through your toys this weekend with your kids and BRING A TOY, SPREAD SOME JOY!!!

Dr. Elizabeth Drame
Fulbright Senior Research Fellow
African Regional Research Program
Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
 Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee