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ECWRA's Club Atlantique is seeking a new General Manager

posted Nov 29, 2010, 2:24 AM by Suzanne WARDINI   [ updated Nov 29, 2010, 2:30 AM ]

Seeking a Challenging, Fun & Rewarding Opportunity??


ECWRA's Club Atlantique is seeking a new General Manager.

Position is part time with an average of 20 hours a week.


Duties Include:

Membership services and outreach, financial management, management of staff, events planning and more.

Required Skills:

·      Completion of college/university required. Fluent English and a working knowledge of French required.

·      Previous experience in small business operations, hotel and/or restaurant management, events planning or a related service field is helpful. Person must be creative and a self starter.

 To Apply:

Submit resume to the front office at Club Atlantique or submit electronically by sending a resume to Clubatlantique@hotmail.com

All resumes are due by Friday, December 10, 2010


Statement of Duties

A. General

The ECWRA General Manager is the representative of the ECWRA Board of Directors in the operation and supervision of all ECWRA operations.  The General Manager has oversight responsibility and is ultimately responsible for the overall quality and efficiency of all aspects of ECWRA operations and services.  The General Manager delegates, with the Assistant Manager, specific responsibilities for all ECWRA activities, events, programs, services, and operations in accordance with establish position descriptions.  As such he/she performs both professional and clerical duties ensuring that personnel, budgetary, financial, contractual, and procedural concerns are operating in accordance with local laws, US laws and regulations, and Board Directives/Operating Polices.  Primary duties include membership services, promotion and publicity, communication, report and budget preparation.  The General Manager also responds to requests for information from A/LM/OPR/CR.  The General Manager is assisted by a full time Assistant Manager and a local hire staff of 8.  The Chairperson of the ECWRA Board of Directors supervises the General Manager.

B. Specific and Duties

1.  Oversee the overall operations and performance of ECWRA.  Work with Assistant Manager and staff to ensure efficient operation of ECWRA units.  Report to the Board on the operation and performance of ECWRA units.  Submit for the Board’s consideration improvements, changes, additions, etc. to ECWRA activities or infrastructure.  Serve as an advisor to the Board on all issues concerning ECWRA.

2.  Hire, dismiss, and promote ECWRA employees upon concurrence of the Board.  Prepare and advertise ECWRA job opportunities.  Prepare employment contracts including statements of work/position descriptions for all ECWRA employees.  Ensure compliance of contract terms with local laws and regulations.

3.  Responsible for coordinating or carrying out all aspects of outreach to members and prospective members.  Promote the ECWRA services to attract new and retain existing members.  Effectively communicate with ECWRA members actively soliciting and taking into account member feedback. 

4.  Under guidance of the Board of Directors, directly supervises the Assistant Manager and provides oversight for the work of the local staff.  Prepare employee performance evaluation report for the Assistant Manager.  Review and approve employee performance evaluation reports prepared by the Assistant Manager for employees under his supervision.  Propose employee rewards to the Board.  Approve pay slips for all ECWRA employees (additional hours must be approved in advance for all ECWRA employees).

5.  Review operating procedures and arrangements for maintenance of property and equipment established by Assistant Manager and staff to ensure that ECWRA complies with good business practice, as well as, all safety, health and sanitation regulations.

6.  Ensure that procedures are established and adhered to that safeguard and properly account for all monies received and dispersed at ECWRA facilities. In accordance with this: a) perform monthly reconciliation of all receipts to ensure all have been accounted for in cash reconciliation and that the numerical integrity of the report is maintained; b) review and verify financial and inventory reports; conduct spot checks of money and inventory at least monthly; c) perform monthly verification of all deposits in all ECWRA bank accounts; d) review weekly deposit reports prepared by the Assistant Manager; e) insure all transactions are entered into Quickbooks and month-end journal entries are processed; f)periodically evaluate price setting and cost control.  Advise the Board on the financial heath of ECWRA.

7.  Develop a budget and cash flow forecast for ECWRA, in coordination with the ECWRA Board Treasurer and Assistant Manager, prepare an annual operating budget for Board review and approval, implement the Budget properly and effectively, reporting any significant deviations to the Board.

8.  Oversees all phases of contracts and purchases entered into by ECWRA.  Signs contracts and purchase orders (other than petty cash purchases not exceeding $500 or CFA equivalent. Submits to the Board Chairperson or Acting Board Chairperson for signature on all contracts and purchase orders exceeding $500 or CFA equivalent.  Ensures that all contracts, concessions, and purchases entered into by ECWRA are satisfactorily performed by contractors and vendors in accordance with the agreed upon terms. Represents ECWRA in contacts with outside organizations and entities (including legal counsel, Senegalese government entities, The International School of Dakar (ISD), contractors, concessionaires, etc) substantive matters other than matters reserved to the Chairperson or Acting Chairperson and routine matters handled by the Assistant Manager.

9.  Maintain effective liaison with the US Embassy and, in particular, the Ambassador’s Representative, the Community Liaison Office, and the Commander of the Marine Guard Detachment. Serve as point of contact with the Office of Commissary and Recreation Affairs in Washington. Ensure that all reports and assessments are compiled, composed and submitted on time (excluding those prepared by the Ambassador’s Representative).

10. Ensure that a majority of the major events represent an American theme and that the principle mission of ECWRA is reflected in all events.

C. Other Requirements

Language: Must be fluent in English.  French fluency preferred.

Education & Experience:  Completion of college/university is required.  Two years of progressively responsible experience in business management or a closely related field preferred.