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posted Mar 16, 2012, 5:18 AM by Marylene, MICHELET   [ updated Mar 16, 2012, 5:20 AM ]



April 16th – 27th, 2012

3rd Edition

Coordinator: Gaucher KADAM

Dear ISD Parents,

The International School of Dakar celebrates its third annual World Culture Month 2012, from April 17th to April 27th, and we are inviting you to join us in this memorable month of sharing our cultures!

As in the past, our traditional theme is “diversity”. We want our students to understand and respect the diversities and the similarities of our many cultures here at ISD.

What is World Culture Month?

It is a month of educational and cultural activities providing all countries represented in the school with the opportunity to celebrate the cultures and traditions within our community (students, teachers and parents) both in the classrooms and around campus.

It is a month for building a bridge connecting all our different communities in an atmosphere of communion, of sharing, of discovering other people and other lifestyles.

Activities will be focused on the host country Senegal, with various information and activities presented to the school community but also on the rest of the world that will be celebrated during the panel of discussions with the Middle school and high school students as well as the fashion show and the booths exhibition from the different nationalities represented into our school

Dear parents, the booths exhibition that will be set up around campus on the last day of the World Culture Month on April 27th is an activity we strongly invite you to take part in.

The booths will be displaying your countries to our international community, and especially for the students to see and appreciate. They can show off any facet of your country’s culture: folklore, history, geography, cuisine, etc. The more facets, the merrier!

On the booths exhibition, you may also decide to show a short film, play music, perform a dance, display posters, do a power point presentation, anything that will educate and introduce children to your home country.

For your information, we already have 4 countries registered (Senegal, France, Canada and Sierra Leone) and we are looking forward to having many more countries to participate.

Another activity we encourage you to participate in is the international fashion show held on the last day of the celebration. Parents, students and staff wear their traditional clothes, and “walk the ramp!” This finale is beautiful to behold!

We will make sure that all exhibitors be assisted by high school and middle school students as well as tech staff if necessary with any needs they might have.

Parents, your participation is so important to the success of this event. It is you, who will bring the richness and personal impact to this wonderful adventure.

Please, find below some complementary information about the activities.

Gaucher KADAM
World cultural month coordinator



Arts in classrooms (Elementary) – April 17 - 24

Elementary students will be familiarizing with various types of art expressions under the direction of professional artists during their art classes.

·       Glass painting

·       Sand painting

·       Art recycling

·       Collage

·       Pottery

·       Tie dye


Artisans live exhibition (Elementary) – April 17 - 24

These artisans will be on campus to work all day and display their artifacts giving the opportunity to students to visit them and to ask questions about their occupations as well.

o   Shoe maker

o   Wood carver

o   Basket maker



Panel of discussions – April 17 – 26 (Middle and high schools)

Guests from our community as well as international and local intellectuals will be invited on campus to have discussions with our students on issues such as the ones below listed.

§  Environment

§  Immigration

§  Literature

§  Cultural diversity

§  Communication

§  Sports

§  Medicine

§  Etc.


Closing date – April 27 (All school)

It’s going to be a day full of activities starting in the morning until 3:00 pm with the different activities listed below.

v  Booths visit

v  Music/entertainment

v  Arts & craft fair

v  Fashion show

v  Photos exhibition

v  Lunch on the grass

v  Live Radio

v  Drums and dance



Ø Focus on the closing day

Booths exhibition – April 27 (All school)

A booth that will reflect several aspects of your country, and can include jewelry, fabrics, sculptures, photos, flags, food, books any part of your tradition and culture. Little edible goodies are always welcome at the booths! Booths are set up on the last day of the event.


Fashion show – April 27 (All school)

You (and your family) can also be a part of the international fashion show that takes place on the final day of the event. It’s a magnificent sight to see the costumes of each country that participates.