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ISD Yard Sale

posted Apr 15, 2016, 9:04 AM by Suzanne WARDINI

The ISD Yard Sale will be on April 24th at ISD. 


Cost for one (1) table, including two admissions:  10,000 CFA

Hours:  0900 to 1200

Set-up:  0730 to 0845.  Gates will close at 0845.

No vehicles will be allowed on the track and you will have to transport your own sale items to your table.


Admission: 500 CFA for anyone over 6 years of age.

From 0900 to 1000 admission will be limited to badged staff from embassies and ISD. 

From 1000 to 1200 admission will be open to general public.  


Each space will have ample room

No items to be sold for over $300 or CFA equivalent.

Event will end at 1200 sharp. 


Playgrounds and sports field will be closed to all. 


Reservations for tables can be made at the ISD front office or the US Embassy CLO office.  The 10,000 CFA should be in an envelope marked with your name, date and time of registration, and contact info.  

Reservations will be closed at 1200 on Thursday, April 21st. There will be no registration available on the day of sale. 


Set up:  

We will utilize the track of ISD which will provide ample space for your tables and sale Items.  

Gates will be open starting at 0730 for set up of tables.  

Parking will be provided for early registration (first 10 tables) inside the gates at ISD.   


All proceeds from the yard sale will go to sponsor the ISD Education Innovation Grant program.