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Community Information: December 14

posted Dec 14, 2012, 2:43 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 14, 2012, 2:44 AM ]

4th Annual Senegal Week and World Cultural Month

April 8 to April 30, 2013

Dear ISD parents,

ISD will be celebrating our 4th Annual Senegal Week and World Cultural Month from April 8 to April 30, 2013.We hope you will join us during this memorable month of displaying our culture.

We especially would like to invite you, while you’re at home enjoying your winter break with family, to bring back items from your countries that you may be able to share with students and the rest of the ISD community in April 2013.

World Cultural Month and Senegal Week

What is it? A month of educational and cultural activities providing all countries represented in our school with the opportunity to celebrate the respective cultures and traditions within our community (the students, teachers and parents) both in the classrooms and around campus.World Culture Month is a month for building a bridge connecting all our different communities in an atmosphere of community, sharing, and discovering other people and other lifestyles.

Senegal Week: From April 15 to April 19, the focus will be on our host country Senegal, with varied information and activities offered to the school community. Local artists and artisans are invited onto campus to display their artwork but also to share their expertise with our students.

Parent Presentations in Classrooms: The rest of the world will be celebrated in classrooms and on campus via representation of all the other countries here. Parents are encouraged to volunteer to spend 15-20 minutes in their child’s classroom, and in other classrooms if possible, sharing something about their culture.

This can be done through presenting videos, doing book readings, songs, storytelling, posters and pictures, bringing in foods, costumes/clothing, toys, etc.  You can imagine the immense pride each child feels when they see their parents (or, grandparent, aunt, uncle) stand before their class, and talk about the culture and country they are from.

WCM Finale on April 30: Our final activity will be held on April 30 -- country booths are set up around campus and we end the day with a fashion show to highlight the cultural beauty of traditional clothes from around the world. 

The booths will be set up to display your countries to all here at ISD. The booths can display any facet of the country’s culture: folklore, history, geography, cuisine, fashion, art, etc. The more facets, the merrier! This fashion show is a highlight of the spring at ISD. Don't miss out! 

Parents, your participation is so important to the success of this event. It is you who will bring the richness and personal impact to this wonderful adventure. Don’t feel limited to only your child’s classroom. We welcome your participation as often as possible.

Once again, please make sure you bring items from your countries to share with the school community throughout the month of April 2013.

Should you need more information about this important event, feel free to get in touch with Mr. Gaucher, Elementary PE teacher & cultural coordinator. (  - +221 77 645 05 62)