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World Cultural Month - April 6-30, 2015

posted Dec 12, 2014, 4:50 AM by Suzanne WARDINI
Dear ISD Parents,

The International School of Dakar is about to celebrate its annual World Culture Month, from April 6-30, 2015, and we are inviting you to join us in this memorable month of sharing our cultures!

Our traditional theme is “diversity”. We want our students to understand and respect the diversities and the similarities of our many cultures represented here at ISD.

What is World Culture Month?

It is a month of educational and cultural activities providing all countries represented in our school with the opportunity to celebrate their cultures and traditions within our community (students, teachers and parents) both in the classrooms and around campus.

ISD World Culture Month is a month for building a bridge connecting all our different communities in an atmosphere of communion, of sharing, of discovering other people and other lifestyles.

This year, we would like to again see all parents actively participating in our month long activities, volunteering some time in their child’s classroom and in other classrooms if possible, sharing something about their culture.

The focus will also be about the host country, Senegal, with a variety of information and activities presented to the school and outside community.

This sharing can be done through presenting videos, book reading, songs, storytelling, posters and pictures, sharing food, presenting traditional dress, toys, etc. You can imagine the immense pride students feel when they see their parents (or, grandparent, aunt, uncle) standing before their class, and talking about the culture and country they are from. These are moments to remember for years to come.

Another activity we invite you to take part in, is to register for the booths that will be set up around campus on the last day of World Culture Month on April 30. Some ISD high school students will be available to assist on this day.

The booths will be set up to display your country to our international community, especially for the students to see and appreciate. The booths can display any facet of your country’s culture: folklore, history, geography, cuisine, etc. The more facets, the merrier!

Dear parents, most of you travel back to your country to celebrate the winter holiday with family. So, please, don’t forget to bring back items to share with the community at your booth or in the classroom with the children.

Should you need further information about this event, feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Gaucher KADAM
WCM coordinator
77 645 05 62