A Word to Parents and Seniors About University Applications and the Common Application

posted Aug 26, 2011, 6:34 AM by Unknown user
I am happy that you are reading this and thinking about what needs to be done in the university application process!  The good news is that it is still very early in the process and there is time to get everything done. 

For the moment, seniors should be concentrating on two things:  finalizing the list of colleges or universities to which you will send an application, and working on your personal essay(s) that will be a part of your applications (if required).  In the very near future I will begin discussing much about this with seniors during homeroom and other classes.  And as always I am available to meet with students before, during, and after school.  Just come by my office to see me or make an appointment. 

There is no one answer to any question when dealing with universities.  They all have their own deadlines, requirements, and processes.  The only way to find application deadlines, requirements, essay topics, and other information is to explore the website of each university in which you are interested.  Pay particular attention to the Undergraduate Admissions part of the website, especially any references to international Students. 

Students applying in the United States will quite possibly be using The Common Application, an online application which is accepted by over 450 colleges and universities in the USA (and a very small number outside the country).  This is a good time to create your account with the Common Application and check out the topics for the required essays.  The Common App allows students to work on portions of the application a bit at a time and save their work to complete another time. 

A hint about essays:  your essay(s) should be the best thing you have ever written.  ESSAYS SHOULD BE WRITTEN AND PERFECTED BEFORE PASTING THEM INTO THE COMMON APP or any other application.  Your teachers and I will be available to help with this. 

Good luck, I look forward to seeing you all soon!