posted Jan 20, 2017, 8:46 AM by Marieme MBAYE
Give Mindfulness A Try . . .

Tim Burns, a mindfulness educator and presenter, spent three days at ISD this week.  Tim enlightened and inspired students, staff, and parents throughout the week.  He shared images and research about the brain and how it functions.  He gave tips on how to keep the brain in top shape and how use it most effectively.  Perhaps the strongest suggestion he shared was to give mindfulness a try.   

Most of our students and staff had the opportunity to experience mindfulness during their sessions with Mr. Burns.  Many have used this experience to begin a practice of their own.  

Approximately 35 individuals attended the parent workshop on Friday and were able to learn about the brain as well as the benefits of mindfulness.  If you were unable to attend the session due to scheduling conflicts but are interested in the topic, please explore the links below for more information about Tim Burns and the value of mindfulness.

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To learn more about Tim Burns and the types of presentations he offers, explore his website.