Counselor's Corner: September 28

posted Sep 25, 2012, 5:58 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 4, 2012, 11:12 AM by Unknown user ]
Seniors and Parents: Sending Transcripts Electronically

Hi Seniors and Parents.  An issue that we deal with every year is mailing a transcript and then having the university insist that they have not yet received it.  Right now colleges and universities are receiving literally thousands of pieces of paper every week, and it is inevitable that some documents are lost in the paper shuffle:  buried on a desk under other mail, lost in an in basket and never processed, or even delivered to the wrong desk and never finding its way to the right person. Last year I had to mail a 2nd copy of approximately 10% of the transcripts I mailed.  Since it can take two or more weeks for documents to reach their destination from Dakar, a lost transcript can easily mean a month or more delay in your application packet being complete (thus delaying their admissions decision!). 

A way to avoid this is to use the services of an electronic document service such as (aka Docufide).  Parchment is a trusted service accepted by virtually every college/university in the US.  Through Parchment, your transcript would be uploaded to Parchment (through me) and then you instruct Parchment where to send it.  There is a charge of $3 US for each transcript sent, so sending to five schools would be $15 and so on.  The up-side is that the transcript is delivered almost instantaneously with no chance of being "lost in the mail".  The down-side is that students/parents have to pay the $3 fee for each college/university.

Keep in mind that at least 90% of transcripts sent by me through the mail arrive safely and promptly, so you may choose not to use Parchment.  However, when deadlines are near or you need to be absolutely sure, this could be a big advantage (not to mention peace of mind).  Feel free to go to and check it out from your end.  See me if you have questions!