Upper School Update

posted Nov 7, 2014, 4:33 AM by Kayla BISHOP

ISD students have been very active this trimester! Each of our grade levels has a lot going on so I wanted to give you all an update about what your students are currently working on within the guidance curriculum. 

Middle School

November’s theme for advisory is “Making Healthy Choices”. Beginning on Tuesday November 11th our teachers will start talking with their advisory classes about making healthy choices and what that looks like in the middle school. I have been working with the teachers to make sure all discussions and lessons contain grade level appropriate information for our students. Here is a breakdown of what your student will be learning and discussing through advisory.

6th Grade 

The grade 6 students will be learning about peer pressure and decision making. The students will discuss peer pressure, why they may feel peer pressure, and their right to resist peer pressure. They will also be discussing how to make decisions in tough social scenarios. 

7th Grade


7th grade will also be discussing peer pressure and the brain science behind peer pressure. In addition to peer pressure, students will also be introduced to the topics of alcohol and nicotine. Through those topics they will learn about the effects of alcohol and nicotine on the brain and body. 

8th Grade

8th grade will be focusing on drugs and alcohol. They will be learning and discussing the science of teen decision making and learning the affects of drugs on their brain and body. Through advisory we will also work towards “debunking” misconceptions they may have about drugs and alcohol. 

High School

 Our high school students have been feeling the pressure! I have been working with each grade level to make sure they know what the expectation for this school year and the responsibilities of being in high school. Along with each of the advisory teachers, I have been speaking each individual advisory class and answering questions to ensure a successful school year.

9th Grade

9th Grade has been discussing the high school transition. It can be tough moving up to the high school level but with the support of their teachers, counselor, and principal it can be a great start to their high school career. 9th graders have discussed and asked questions about GPA, Transcripts, extra-curricular activities and time management. 

10th Grade

The 10th grade students are all currently taking and discussing an interest inventory that gives them an idea of occupations, leisure activities, and learning activities that may be of interest to them. The purpose of this activity is to give them a chance to explore careers and activities that they may have never seen before. 

11th Grade

The 11th grade students have been given information related to SAT testing. I have encouraged the students to sign-up for a winter SAT exam in either December or January. We are also discussing college planning processes and starting to research universities of interests. I will continue working with the grade 11 students throughout the year on the college search process. 

12th Grade

12th graders have started applying to colleges! It is college application season now! All students should have started their applications and will be sending them into universities soon. I have been meeting with the 12th graders individually to discuss their college apps and required documents. I encourage you to ask your student what colleges they have applied to already and which ones they will be applying to soon.