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Barbara Fultz

M. Ed., 

Curriculum Coordinator

International School of Dakar

Creating a "Live" Math Classroom for Grades 3-8

posted Sep 28, 2017, 7:29 AM by

This weekend ISD will be hosting an AISA (Association of International Schools in Africa) Institute in Creative Mathematics, presented by internationally known Master educator, author and math specialist, Marcy Cook.

Teachers attending this 2 day workshop will focus on how to create an enticing mathematical environment for elementary and middle school students which will actively engages them in mathematical thinking.

Marcy will cover topics on creating an exciting math environment, communicating math, algebraic thinking, reasoning, using manipulatives, problem solving, differentiating, mental math, cooperative math experiences and challenging students to THINK.

Participants will be actively involved in numerous “hands on/minds on” activities. Emphasis will be on creating a LIVE math classroom where all students are engaged.

ES and MS teachers from ISD will be attending along with teachers from other International schools in Africa.

Improving Our Assessment and Grading, with Tom Guskey

posted Sep 8, 2017, 4:05 AM by   [ updated Sep 8, 2017, 8:04 AM ]

On Sept 4 and 5, ISD middle and high school teachers participated in a two day seminar, Assessment that Improves Learning, Effective Policies and Practices for Grading with internationally renowned educators, Dr. Tom Guskey. The workshop focused on best teaching and learning practices. Dr. Guskey led the group in discussions about designing appropriate assessments, developing learning targets, providing effective feedback and documenting learning progress, all with the goal of improving student learning. Dr. Guskey also covered effective grading and reporting policies and practices.

This seminar compliments ISD administration's efforts to improve our grading and assessment practices in coordination with the IB Program. Parents of middle school students will soon see an updated report card that separates out academic achievement from study skills, class participation, and late or missing assignments, along with an increase in using grading rubrics. This will give both parents and students a clearer picture of ways to improve academic achievement and learning processes. High school teachers will be working implement similar changes in the coming months.

Differentiation Professional Development at ISD

posted Sep 11, 2015, 2:39 AM by

This past Mondaythe entire teaching team met to prepare for our visiting author, Cindy Strickland’s workshop on Differentiation. Cindy has authored several books on differentiation and is expert in this field. Faculty will participate in two full days of professional development on Differentiation during the week of Sept. 21-24. In preparation for Cindy’s visit, we worked in teams of 3 and brainstormed our current understanding of differentiation  using a Frayer model. A lot of animated discussion was heard as we shared what is and is not "differentiation".

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