Accreditation / Construction Updates

posted Feb 17, 2017, 8:22 AM by Marieme MBAYE   [ updated Feb 17, 2017, 9:38 AM by Suzanne WARDINI ]

This week we held a Director’s Coffee for parents.  The agenda included information from the Board, the results of 15-month self-study for our re-accreditation, and updates on our major construction projects.

We have posted the presentations online for interested parents.  The presentations were broken into two parts.  Part one is the Board update and the results of the self-study.  Click here this presentation.  Part two is the construction update.  You can view that video here.

This is the first time I have tried this, so let me know what you think  (

The major part of the self-study is the identification of the areas of strength and the areas in need of strengthening.  See list below.

International School of Dakar
Council of International Schools/Middle States Association 
Self-Study – Top Strengths and Areas in Need of Strengthening


 School Community

It is a positive learning community. There are productive home-school partnerships and a supportive parent community. The school programs and facilities are a focal point for the community. 

 School Resources

ISD provides appropriate support and resource to implement the curriculum. The faculty is well qualified and sufficient in number. The school facilities provide for effective delivery of educational programs.  They are well maintained and supported with effective technology.

 Professional Development

The school provides significant funding for both school mandated and personally selected professional development activities.  The faculty have input into planning professional development activities, which reflect the needs of the faculty.


The curriculum is aligned with the school’s mission and vision.  It is culturally diverse and supports global citizenship.

Reporting Student Performance

There is systematic reporting to parents through a variety of teacher-developed assessments as well as standardized tests.

 Support for Students with Learning Needs

The curriculum is challenging and is able to support students with varied needs. Children with learning differences are given support to learn by well-qualified professionals.  Our teachers are well equipped to provide both academic and social emotional interventions as needed.

 Guiding Statements

The school’s guiding statements are alive and embedded in the school’s culture and programs.

 Academic, Social, and Emotional Support

The students have access to advice from the school counselors on academic, personal, career, and higher education.  Social emotional skills are directly taught at all three levels.

 Board’s Leadership

The Board provides ethical leadership and effective support for the current and long-term future of the school.

 Financial Management

There is strong financial management for the near and long term that supports the school’s programs and viability. Management of funds is consistent with best practices.


Teaching and Learning Philosophy

Provide a clearly articulated vision of quality learning and defined practices that support student achievement and reflect the school’s mission.

 Collaboration Time

Teachers want a defined schedule with times to review curriculum, analyze student data, plan with other teachers including learning support and ELL, and share instructional strategies, as well as specific allocated time for horizontal and vertical meetings.

Curriculum Documentation

Ensure units are documented online including curriculum standards, learning objectives, timeline, and assessments that are linked to standards.

 Focused Professional Development

Provide time and funding for identified areas of improvement including use of MAP testing results, math, and French.

 Additional Student Support in Secondary School

Increase student support and clearly define a delivery program for learning support and ELL in the middle and high school.

Align Admission Policies, Procedures, and Practice

Establish clear standards for admission including language proficiency for each division and clearly articulate process to all stakeholders.

 Assess Strategic Plan and Guiding Statements

Develop a process to assess the success of the school’s guiding statements and progress towards achieving the strategic goals.

 Child Protection Policy

Develop policy and procedures for how the school would respond to a student who is being abused or neglected.

 Foster Respect

Teachers, counselors, and administrators will continue to implement practices to create a climate of trust where students’ respect each other.

 Create Internal Health and Safety Committee

Create committee to active monitor conditions at school including food preparations, bathrooms, water fountains, as well as, overseeing emergency drills procedures.

Service Learning

Increase opportunities for students to interact with the host country nationals in meaningful ways to improve cultural awareness and promote global citizenship. Develop student leadership through authentic service learning activities.

Alan Knobloch

International School of Dakar