April 11, 2014

posted Apr 11, 2014, 8:06 AM by Suzanne WARDINI
The Busy Month of April 

We will have a very busy April, which is already underway. Currently we are hosting the High School WAISAL Tournament. I want to thank families for hosting students and coaches at their homes during the tournament. Your support is a wonderful example of the community spirit that brings ISD together.

World Culture Month is also taking place in April with many events taking place across the month. Please see the article and schedule about those upcoming events. And, don’t to forget the Annual General Meeting, and the performance of our Musical – The Whiz. I hear that tickets are selling fast for this fantastic performance. Be sure to get your tickets soon, so that you can enjoy this wonderful show with your family and friends.

Strategic Plan Steering Committee 

I am pleased to report that we have 4 parents who have volunteered to serve on the Strategic Plan Steering Committee. They will join with students, teachers, administrators and board members at the first session of the Steering Committee on Saturday morning, April 26. The parents joining the committee are: Mathias Cinyabuguma, Alice Lefevre, Leonie Broekstra and Ratiba Cherif. Teachers joining the group are Adja Sakho, Peter Burnside, Gina Barker, Emily Grimes and Marc Guillaume. Student Council members include: Aboubakr Dieng, Arnold Toppo and Jean MacCrae. Board members will be: Linda Percy, Vesna De La Borde, Grainne MacCrae and James Garry. Administrators on the committee are Paul Olson, Dr. Alan Knobloch, Brad Bell, Dr. Ian Clark and Ibrahima Fall. I much appreciate their willingness to participate on this important project. Benjamin Bynum will serve as the process facilitator.

We are especially pleased that Dr. Alan Knobloch will participate in this session during the orientation week of his visit to ISD.

Dr. Alan Knobloch’s Orientation Visit 

From April 24th to May 2nd, Dr. Alan Knobloch and his family will be visiting the ISD campus on an orientation visit. An extensive schedule of meetings is scheduled for that week, which will include opportunities for parents to meet with him. The time and date of these meetings will be outlined in an article by Rob Autry, who has developed the schedule. We trust that this time of orientation will prepare Dr. Knobloch as he takes up the leadership of the school in August.

ID Badges 

We are making excellent progress with our ID Badges. Most of you have already got yours and I notice that you are beginning the habit of wearing them to school. For those who have yet to get your badges, please make the effort to do so in the coming week.

ID badges will be officially required starting on Monday, April 14, 2014. You will need to being wearing the badge in order to enter the campus.

I want to make a special request of the community that our security and support staff be thoroughly supported in their job of enforcing the use of the badges and in their efforts to guide traffic, all for our student’s safety. Please afford them courtesy, obedience and respect as they go about their expected duties.

Starting Monday, April 14, 2014, 
ISD Identity Badges Must Be Worn to Gain Access to Campus