August 23, 2013

posted Aug 23, 2013, 4:22 AM by Suzanne WARDINI

Dear Parents and ISD Community,

We have begun the 2013 – 2014 school year with our Opening Day ceremony on Monday, followed by our first day of classes on Tuesday.  Students are finding their way to classes and life on campus is as it should be – full of students and teachers after the quiet, empty days of summer vacation.  It is clear that they are excited to be back with friends at their beloved school.  We trust that your children are settling in nicely.  Please feel free to ask for assistance from teachers, specialists and administrators in the coming days.  As I said in my greeting at the opening ceremony, come by and introduce yourself.  My office is open and I want to learn of all the ways I can serve the International School of Dakar.

On Wednesday our main container of school supplies and materials arrived and the contents are being distributed to teachers and classrooms.  Now we can get to work with our textbooks, labs and athletic gear! 

I want to commend you for your patience as you have brought your children to the school this week.  We have assistance from our staff and from the police to direct traffic as smoothly and safely as possible.  The road extension under construction will eventually reach Ouakam Road, which should give us some relief.  In the meantime, please continue to exercise patience, careful driving and respectful consideration while dropping off and picking up your children at school. 

These beginning weeks will be busy at the start of the year as we set up our classes, projects and activities, even as we prepare for several consultants who will be advising the school administration and Board on ways to further improve our services. 

I encourage you to keep abreast of the school’s activities and announcements throughout the school year by going to the Jaguar Journal, which is updated on the website every Friday at  

Again, we wish to extend a warm welcome to you all at the beginning of this new school year.  Let’s make it a great one for our students. 


Paul Olson