December 13, 2013

posted Dec 13, 2013, 8:51 AM by Suzanne WARDINI

Here’s Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season

We have had lots of celebratory events in recent weeks, including the Santa Sale, and classroom programs.  It all culminates with the school’s December break, which extends from this weekend through to January 6, 2014, the start of classes in the New Year. 

Here is wishing you all a restful and restorative holiday season.  May you enjoy time with your families and loved ones, enjoy some travel or adventure, and celebrate the festive season in the best of your traditions! 

See you next year!  

Another Brick in the Wall

Congratulations and Kudos to the ISD drama team that performed this student written and produced play, which was dedicated to the memory of Nelson Mandela.  I have to say it was more than a play, because it had multiple types of performances within it, from dance and song to silhouetted factory gears, film clips and music, and Pink Floyd’s song of the same name interspersed throughout.  The themes of discrimination and the need for individuals to stand up against all manner of exclusion were poignantly portrayed in many scenes and vignettes.  Prophetic and morally critical voices expressed strong feelings eloquently throughout the performance, prompting soulful emotional responses and great reflection.  I must say it was one of the best student produced plays I have ever seen.  Thank you all members of the acting troupe, all writers, and back stage hands.  And, especially, “Thank You!” to Emily Grimes for her leadership in organizing this exemplary production.