Director's Dispatch - 1 June 2012

posted Jun 1, 2012, 7:16 AM by Marylene, MICHELET
Well it is June 1st and I'm wondering how in the world THAT happened??!! The year has zoomed by and April and May seemed to have completely evaporated in no time at all. I can't believe we are entering the last two weeks of the school year and my last year in Dakar!

Many thanks to Mr. TeHuki and the Student Council for their wonderful tribute: a dramatic statue of a Jaguar fighting a Lion, named "The Rutherford Challenge" which will be held by the winner of any contest between Dakar Academy and ISD. (We are the proud holders after the Varsity Boys' dramatic 2-1 soccer victory a week ago). I couldn't have asked for more and I am proud of this recognition of my active support of the ISD sports program and school spirit over the past five years. ISD has grown tremendously in my five years, and our sports program's achievements reflect that growth, with many more victories (over DA and others) in recent years. We have two WAISAL championship banners hanging in our gym, with hopefully more to come. Thank you for this really touching memory.

Our Arts program has grown too, and I thank Mr. Watters and Mr. Fuhr for all the time and effort that went into the recent Talent Show and ES Concert. There were some truly wonderful performances in both, and I hope you'll be able to come out and see the reprise of some of our top talent at next week's Secondary Year-End Concert (Thursday, 6:30 in the gym). There will also be an Art show (DakArt BEYOND) at my house this Saturday from 5pm, when many ISD artists (students AND teachers) will be featured in a dramatic display put together by my creative (and only slightly insane) wife. Yes, we are also trying to move all of our belongings to Cairo! Please come out to appreciate the accomplishments of our talented artists.

Finals week is upon the high school students, and they will be demonstrating their learning next week in Final Exams. Parents, please work with your very excited students to ensure they are getting enough sleep and proper meals---there will be plenty of time to blow off steam after exam week! 

The ISD Board wrapped up its year with a final meeting Tuesday, where it also welcomed three newly elected Trustees. Please see new Board Chair Vesna de la Borde's article in the Jag Journal for more news on the meeting. I would like here to personally and publicly thank outgoing Chair Valerie Stetson, for her 2.5 years of service to the Board. Valerie was far and away the best Board Chair I've ever worked with, and I appreciate her support, diligence, attention to detail and wisdom. I never felt alone when making tough decisions as I frequently sought her input during the past two years. Thanks also to Phyllis Stinson, who served as an active Trustee for two years. It was a pleasure working with Phyllis on the busy Buildings and Grounds Committee, which she chaired. Phyllis now joins the ISD staff as Admissions Coordinator and Communications Officer. ISD is lucky to have her coming on board.

Please have a safe and enjoyable weekend. If your family is leaving Dakar like mine is, I know that there is pressure to squeeze the life out of every remaining minute...take some time for yourself and for your health....I keep looking for the time to do that myself. Bon weekend!

Wayne Rutherford
International School of Dakar
June 2, Sat: SAT Exam
June 5-8 - High School Exams (June 8 is conflict/make up exams)
June 7, Thurs: MS/HS Spring Concert - 6:30pm
June 8, Fri: Senior Banquet, Terrou-bi Hotel, 8:30pm
June 12, Tues: MS/HS Sports Day am, MS/HS Drama Performances PM
June 13, Wed: Last day of classes--HALF DAY, noon dismissal.
June 13, Wed: HS Annual Run to the Lighthouse - 8:30 am
June 13, Wed: Graduation - ISD Amphitheater, 6pm.