Director's Dispatch - Apr 20

posted Apr 20, 2012, 4:31 AM by Marylene, MICHELET   [ updated May 5, 2012, 2:44 AM ]
Greetings all, from Kenya, where I am attending the Association of International Schools in Africa Board meeting in my role as Secretary for the Board. It is good to have the chance to speak to other school Directors about shared concerns, and also to sit 'on the other side of the table' as a board member to fully appreciate the time, dedication, and work that our own ISD Trustees put in to their jobs as stewards of the ISD mission. 

Lots of changes took place at ISD during the spring break, and I'd like to thank Operations Director Ian Hogg for his supervision and time during the break (he did not have a vacation!). The transformations to our drive way seem to have had a positive impact on our drop off and pick up traffic flow. We are still working through some kinks, but generally, we are feeling good about the new arrangement, and kids LOVE the new 'Zen Garden,' where they have been reading, playing djembe, and finding 'fossils' during their breaks---so much so that we are rethinking plans for the space under the tree so that it can continue to get good use when the arch of the track is completed. Thanks to Phyllis Stinson, Board Buildings and Grounds Chair, and all B & G committee members, for the extensive time and thought they put into forming the plans for change. Things look great and will keep getting better! 

Additional work on campus that you'll see happening in coming weeks includes completion of the drive way work (painting and finishing touches), construction of a new generator room foundation in the parking lot to accommodate the generators required to power the new building, continued work on the new shower rooms for PE students and clean up of the pool (both set to open early May), and the initial phases of walk way leading from the ES building to the new building---right outside Dr. Clark's office. Busy, busy, busy!
There have been some changes at Shady Shack during the break, too, and I wanted to take a few moments to alert parents to our efforts to improve nutrition among out students. As of this coming week, Shady will no longer be selling sodas or candy to ISD students during school days. A Health and Nutrition committee of teachers made these and other recommendations to the Administration and in our renegotiation of our contract with Shady, these agreements were reached. ISD students have healthy choices for eating and snacking at Shady Shack, but don't always make the best choice for their bodies. In addition to the candy/soda ban, the following will be put into place as regular practice at Shady Shack: 

Shady Shack will not sell soda (ie: coke, diet coke, sprite, Fanta, etc) or candy or cookies (ie: Bounty bars, twix, lollypops, etc) on weekdays. (Soda sales are permitted on weekends or holidays.)


Shady Shack will not sell to students until after 3:20pm on weekdays:

Tampico, Donuts, or French Fries.

French fries will be sold to students with lunch on Fridays only. 

The ISD Administration and teachers encourage parents to talk with their sons and daughters about their food choices during the week when they have money at their disposal and the options of what to put in their bodies. The ISD health curriculum aims to educate students towards making healthy choices--and some do--but parental involvement can help. The ban on candy and soda, we felt, will help kids not to make poor nutritional choices. 

For those in dire need of soda, ISD will not be monitoring Shady's weekend sales, and soda will be for sale during weekend events and next year, when we envision the pool and fitness facilities being reopened to parents for weekend use. 

Have a great weekend, 

Mr. Rutherford


Wayne Rutherford
International School of Dakar

Apr 16-27: International Culture Month at ISD
Apr 20, Fri: TAM dance performance at ISD, 2pm
Apr 21, Sat: HS Boys' Soccer Invitational, ISD. 10am-4pm
Apr 25, Wed: Half Day for Professional Development. Noon release.
Apr 26, Thurs: Annual General Meeting and Trustee Elections, 6pm, Gym.
Apr 28, Sat: HS Girls' Soccer Invitational, ISD. 10am-4pm