Director's Dispatch - August 26, 2011

posted Aug 26, 2011, 3:07 AM by Marylene, MICHELET   [ updated Aug 26, 2011, 3:14 AM ]
School opened this week to much excitement, many smiles, new shoes and backpacks, and the buzz of happy students. We also had a few tears, one broken arm, and one very wet lunch period. All in all, though, it was a super successful week. Kudos to our Principals, Teachers, and Admissions team for the many long hours put in to making the first days of school great for our 450 students. Thanks also to the Maintenance team for their hard work in getting the school 'spic and span' despite challenging weather. Several visitors this week who were new to ISD have commented on how beautiful our campus is. We are fortunate in many ways.

School initiatives are starting up or already underway, and ISD looks to be in for another busy year. The building project is progressing nicely, is currently 'on schedule', and you can see the clear outline of the building through one of the construction windows in the security fence. Please come have a look. Our curriculum development and review work will have us looking closely at ES Language arts this year, as well as upper school Math. Professional reading groups hope to launch in September (when the books ordered in May finally arrive!) and teachers are working this year on two important questions: 'How to make the CORE values assessable?' and 'How best to use the great technology we have in our classrooms?' The CORE values represent the foundation of our school, philosophy, and mission, and are character traits that educators and parents have been working towards for generations. The technology question is a newer one for us, and we are looking at key issues for technology in the classrooms: how much screen time vs how much face time? What are the expectations for teachers in terms of time using technology? but most importantly, how can the technology we have best enhance learning and understanding? I believe that these big questions will lead to rich dialog on campus, and I am excited to be working with a group of teachers who are eager and willing to talk about educational ideas and bettering their practice. Not every school or director is so lucky!

Lots of good stuff is coming up in the next weeks, so please keep up with the school calendar and don't miss the PTO's welcoming events, be prepared for the HS retreats, and get ready for the race to sign up for After School Activities. News about all of the above are on the school's website, calendar, and in the Jaguar Journal. 

Again, welcome or welcome back to ISD. 
We're in for a great year of learning and growing together. 

Wayne Rutherford