Director's Dispatch-January 28

posted Jan 27, 2011, 4:47 AM by Suzanne WARDINI
Board Approves 2011-12 Calendar

At its Jan 27 meeting, the ISD Board of Trustees approved the 2011-12 calendar, as proposed by the Administration. As is normal, the calendar fulfills the requirements of our accrediting agency in terms of number of contact days for students. As an educational calendar, the effect of decisions on the quality of the educational experience for our students was the governing principle behind decisions. In addition, the 2009-10 Board decided that ISD would rotate every other year, vacation schedules of three weeks at winter and one week at spring, with years having two weeks at winter and two at spring. Next year, 2011-12, is a 2 + 2 year. 
Critical dates for planning are:
  • Monday, August 22, Opening Ceremony
  • Tuesday, August 23, First Day of School
  • Friday, Dec 16, last day before winter break.
  • Tuesday, Jan 3, first day of classes after winter break.
  • Friday, Mar 30, last day before spring break.
  • Monday April 16, first day of classes after Spring break.
  • Wednesday, June 13, Senior Graduation and last day of classes for all students. 
  • Monday, June 18: MS/HS Report cards available. 

Building Progress, Busy School

Thanks to the parents who attended our Ground Breaking on Dec 17, and particular thanks to US Ambassador Bernicat and ISD Board Chair Valerie Stetson for their inspiring speeches. Since Ground Breaking, the job site has been a busy place, as the construction companies prep for work, setting up offices, meeting rooms, and facilities needed for the work crew. Construction work began in earnest this week, as the contractors began digging the holes for the building foundation. Excavation has revealed a few surprises so far, including an old drainage channel (from Ouakam?), but generally, it has been smooth going. The first concrete is supposed to be poured on Jan 31...if we can stick to the calendar. You can view the construction via a webcam recording system set up by our own Tech Director, Mr. Kumar. Go to the ISD website and click 'view construction progress' to see stop-time video of early construction work. We hope to have these videos updated weekly. 

Students have been busy this week, while the campus feels quiet. HS students are all away on ISD's inaugural 'Explore Senegal Week'. Many thanks to Mr. Emborsky for providing the vision to shape this program and to the teachers for accompanying the students on their trips and guiding them through the lessons along the way. This type of travel, exposure, and adventure is crucial to ISD's mission of building global citizens, and supports development of our CORE values Open-Mindedness and Responsibility. 

Middle School soccer players are also away this week competing in the MS WAISAL soccer tournament in Ouagadougou. Thanks to coaches Kellet and Roderick for taking the teams underwing and coaching them on this trip. Thanks to parents for supporting this WAISAL activity. Not only does ISD's participation contribute to our reputation as one of the top schools in the region, but student participation supports the development of our CORE values Responsibility and Excellence, as the students strive to do their best and bring back the trophy. 

There is much more going on in classrooms and after school, with play rehearsals, MS volleyball practice, HS hoops, and lots of meaningful, challenging learning activities in classes. There is a great 'buzz' of activity in the school both during and after classes, and it is a pleasure to have new parents visit. Why not come down to have a look? Contact the office if you'd like a tour of what is happening, and we'll be happy to arrange something.