Director's Dispatch-May 26

posted May 26, 2011, 4:03 AM by Suzanne WARDINI
As we near the end of the year, there are many events and activities at school that will bring parents to campus. We strongly encourage parents to come and support their children when there are concerts, awards ceremonies, and graduations. We hope to see you here! While visiting campus, though, please do recognize that we are part of an active neighborhood, and we do ask that you park courteously, recognizing that our neighbors need to park around ISD, too. It is helpful if people park along the corniche on the sidewalk and walk in. It is not helpful if people double park on the small road leading to the ISD gate. It is also not helpful if drivers are asked to wait along the street. 

ISD will be taking some additional security steps as we head to summer and in the coming year. These may slow things down a bit (not welcome, I know) but will contribute to making ISD a safer place for all students and community members. For the time being, additional security personnel have been assigned to duties during drop off and pick up. Unknown persons will not be allowed onto campus without an ISD employee walking them in. In August, we aim to establish an ID card system for drivers, maids, and parents so that all regular visitors can be easily identified. A visitor ID card system should also go into effect, though we are working on the logistics of this now. While these changes will affect the openness of our campus and our welcoming hospitality, they are at this point in time, prudent steps to take. 

Special request to those advertising at ISD: if you have put up fliers advertising items for sale as you depart Dakar, can we please request that you remove those fliers when your sale is completed? There are a lot of cars and other goodies posted on the ISD bulletin boards. 

Finally, this is a busy time--please stay in touch with your child's teachers about events, activities, requirements, and deadlines. Communication is the key!

Wayne Rutherford
International School of Dakar