Director's Dispatch: April 12

posted Apr 12, 2013, 5:04 AM by Unknown user

Greetings everyone. Field Trips at ISD are an important way in which we augment the learning that occurs in the classrooms.  I had the pleasure of attending the Pre K3 field trip to Chez Hobollah and work with the students as they learned about transportation, shopping and recognizing products. Congratulations to Miss Marjie and Miss Dede for taking the students on this trip and for preparing such an imaginative culminating lesson!

April continues to be an extremely busy month at ISD with all of the events for World Cultural Month.  The artists who have been coming in each day through out this past week have been wonderful in sharing their knowledge and our students are learning a lot about the arts in Senegal!  Thanks to Mr. Gaucher for all of his work on this fantastic program!  Our Authorization visit by members of the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) is quickly approaching. Monday and Tuesday the 29th and 30th of March are the dates for that visit and we hope that parents will be available to speak with the visitors. Ms. Welander has been coordinating this and has been in touch with parents to let them know when they are needed. 

And to top off this busy month, we are now adding to the April Schedule the promised Audit of our Learning Support Services.

Dr. Pamela Ward, a developmental psychologist, will be at ISD from April 22-24 to observe our Learning Support Program and to meet with teachers and parents. As in a financial audit, when she is finished, she will prepare a report outlining what we are doing, whether or not we are doing what we say we do and making recommendations for the Learning Support Services offered at ISD.

On Monday the 22nd, Dr. Ward will start with a visit to the US Embassy and will have discussions with the Embassy management and medical officers and the Embassy psychiatrist.  She will then come to ISD to observe some classes. There will be a meeting for interested parents from 3:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. in the ISD boardroom.

On Tuesday the 23rd in the morning, Dr. Ward will meet with Learning Support teachers and observe more classes. The afternoon will be for individual meetings with parents who request them, as will the Wednesday morning. Individual meetings will be about 10 minutes in length in order to maximize Dr. Ward’s time with those parents who need to speak with her. Parents can request afternoon meetings on the Tuesday or morning meetings on Wednesday the 24th.  Requests are to be made through Mrs. Emefa Atiase in the ISD office.

Finally on Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Ward will meet with Board Members and other Staff. 

Please contact Mrs. Emefa during school hours to book your individual appointments.

Dr. Ward’s Resume is below. 

Pamela A. Ward PhD




Educator with extensive, recent experience in university teaching, US public school program development and supervision of thirty-five private international schools serving US diplomats and other mobile families requiring an American-style education.




·       Taught 15 different graduate courses in human development, psychology and education at three universities.

·       Presented more than 30 workshops on special needs and gifted education for teachers, administrators and parents, both in the US and abroad.

·       Trained in excess of twenty counselors and psychologists in crisis intervention for children and families in international settings.


·       Negotiated relationships between more than thirty international schools and associated US Embassies regarding services and support for schools.

·       Annually allotted $2.5 million of grant funding to schools in Sub-Saharan Africa and monitored the usage of the grants for educational purposes.

·       Coordinated the Office of Overseas Schools Special Needs Committee. This committee consists of twelve nationally recognized experts in the several fields of special and gifted education and advises international schools and educational associations.

Human Relations

·       Counseled more than 200 families annually regarding appropriate placement for K-12 students at posts abroad.

·       Advised parents, in groups or individually, regarding special needs services abroad for their children.

·       Served on placement panel within the Department of State Medical Division determining options for students needing therapeutic boarding schools.




Office of Overseas Schools, US Department of State (Washington, DC)               2006-2012 

 Regional Education Officer


Virginia Beach and Arlington, Virginia Public Schools                                                                    1999-2006

K-12 Gifted Resources Coordinator


University of Texas at El Paso, Old Dominion University,                                          1998-2006

Marymount University

Instructor in Psychology and Education






Doctor of Philosophy, University of Virginia, 2006

Educational Specialist, University of Arizona

Master of Education, University of Arizona

Bachelor of Arts, History and Sociology, University of Virginia

Certificate of Completion, Nine Month Professional Economics Course, FSI




Superior Honor Award, US Department of State

Benjamin Franklin Award, US Department of State




Board of Directors, Carol Morgan School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 1986-1990

President, Board of Directors, WICE, Paris, France, 1995-1998

President, Board of Directors, Foreign Service Youth Foundation, 2003-2006

Board of Directors, Foundation for Historic Christ Church, Irvington, VA, 2011-present




National Association for Gifted Children

Virginia State Advisory Committee for the Gifted