Director's Dispatch: June 7

posted Jun 7, 2013, 6:26 AM by Unknown user
Dear Parents,

Today is the last Jag Journal of the year and it is time to recognize the achievements of the past school year.

Most significantly, ISD has been named an IB World school and next year will be offering the IB Diploma program. Huge thanks to IB coordinator Wendy Welander, High School Principal Brad Bell and their team of teachers and parents for seeing this through to completion.
We opened a huge new MSHS building with only a three day delay to the school year and students and staff have now settled in.
We welcomed back former director Wayne Rutherford so that he could officially open "his" new building!
We hosted our first ever WAISAL Swim Meet.
We had a fantastic visit from author Bruce Coville, and had yet another amazingly successful World Cultural Month.

And these are only a few of them!

All of these activities depend on the efforts of the terrific staff of ISD and the unfortunate thing about this time of the year is that now we have of say goodbye to some of them as they move on with their lives.

This year we say thanks for your dedication and farewell to :

Susannah Genty-Waksberg
Sara Monahan
Sylvia Gonzales Chang
Noah Balazs
Paul Carlson
Tracy Hill
Patrick Ramsay
Rebecca Sampson
Rebekah Yaeger
Emilie Hingrez
Nadine Rymiosch
Colette Chalier
Ian Hogg
Marylene Michelet
Phyllis Stinson

Huge thanks to all of you from all of us at ISD for all of your efforts throughout the past years.

You will be missed!

School starts next year with the annual opening ceremony on the 19th of August.

See you then,