Director's Dispatch, March 2

posted Mar 2, 2012, 6:30 AM by Marylene, MICHELET
Happy Friday! It was wonderful to have a week without election/evacuation/security worries plaguing us, and I hope you were able to feel the sense of relief that we had here at ISD following the peaceful elections last Sunday. The Senegalese carried out the democratic process with pride, composure, and dignity, and I think we can all feel fortunate to have been here at a time when a hotly contested but ultimately peaceful election carried on Senegal's strong history of democracy.
School was busy as usual this week with some wonderful events held to put student learning on display: the 6th grade's Egyptian Living Museum was full of amazing costumes, props, models and posters, and students played their roles as Egyptian experts with style and authority. The 7th grade 'Eulogies to Charlemagne' saw many ornate tombstones arrive on campus as the backdrop for students sharing their learning regarding this charismatic historical figure. While we were learning, we were also having fun: the High School held a 'leap day' activity on Feb 29, and their scavenger hunt included a (very quick) tour of the new building---ask them what they saw! Congrats to ISD Seniors, who have some fantastic offers of admission rolling in. Ishaq Geier just heard from Macalester College in Minnesota that he is IN! Way to go!! More good news will be coming seniors' way in the next several weeks.
Thanks to the PTO members who have been working so hard on this weekend's Literary Soiree. The new event (to ISD) will be a great way to say good bye to a busy, hectic, nervous February, and will ring in a spring full of promise and hopefully, the completion of some big projects....
Speaking of big projects, the new building is now on an April 15 timeline....which may be optimistic, but that is what I'm being told. Painting halted this week as masons needed to catch up with finishing walls so that they could be painted. The next two months, though, should see some dramatic changes in the new building.
Have a great weekend!

Wayne Rutherford
International School of Dakar