Traffic Update and more...

posted Oct 1, 2010, 9:40 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 18, 2010, 3:58 AM ]
Traffic Update

Many thanks to all the parents who have instructed their drivers not to double park on the road to the ISD gate. This has made a HUGE difference in traffic flow this week. Please keep it up! The Corniche Gate option, on the other hand, has not attracted many takers this week. We had only about a dozen people use it, meaning only about six or seven cars less on the road to the gate. At this point, that is not really enough use to justify moving a guard to the gate. We will continue the experiment for another week or so, but if after three weeks, the gate is only serving a few kids, we will close it back up. 

Teachers Work Hard during 'Afternoon Off'
ISD teachers had a hard-working afternoon on Thursday while students enjoyed the afternoon off. Led by Curriculum Coordinator
 Lisa Emborsky, ISD teachers participated in a workshop and worked in groups on the Understanding by Design approach to unit planning. Understanding by Design (UbD) is an approach for planning learning units that focuses on what students should know and understand, how to measure their learning, and lastly, what activities will promote that understanding. It is an approach used at schools around the world, and is not new to most of our teachers. We took the time Thursday to ensure broad and uniform understanding of these concepts and to apply them to an actual unit that teachers were constructing in groups. The dialog was animated and collegial, and I was again impressed by the quality of our teaching staff as I watched them working together.

Shocking Challenges
ISD continues to work through several 'hiccups' created by this summer's electrical work. Friday, half of the campus spent the day on generator, despite Senelec gifting us with a full day of electricity. Work continues to upgrade and stabilize our electrical supply. If you are an electrical handiperson used to working with large generators and on complex building compounds and care to offer your help, please contact Mr. Colin Pryce, Operations Manager. 

Still looking for help....
ISD is looking for some help. Please see the advert for a one-period French teaching job, (HS Advanced French, one period every-other day) and for a Science Lab Assistant. I am also still looking for a volunteer or two to join our fund-raising committee, looking to dig up some local donors for our construction project. 

We hope you like the new-look Jaguar Journal (we hope you notice that it is updated). The JJ website has been upgraded with input from parents about how to make it more usable and viewer-friendly. Please send comments to Mr. Kumar, Tech Director.