February 27, 2015

posted Feb 27, 2015, 7:49 AM by Suzanne WARDINI   [ updated Mar 6, 2015, 9:01 AM ]

New ISD Teachers for 2015-2016

Dear Parents,

I am pleased to introduce our new teachers for next year. Our school is fortunate to have a great reputation in the international school community, which was built by the hard work of our current and past staff. Here is a summary of the 21 new teachers and then a brief description of each of them. 

15 of the new hires have a master’s degree, one has a doctorate 

15 have worked internationally 

5 will have children attending ISD 

5 are fluent in French, 3 are fluent in Spanish 

3 attended international schools as students, one earned an IB Diploma 

Collectively, they average 13 years of teaching experience 

Je suis heureux de vous présenter nos nouveaux enseignants pour l'année prochaine. Notre école est chanceuse d'avoir une grande réputation dans la communauté éducative internationale, qui a été construit par le travail dur de notre personnel actuel et passé. Voici la liste des 21 nouveaux enseignants et une brève description de chacun d'eux.

15 ont leur maitrise, 1 a son doctorat 

15 ont travaillé à l’étranger 

5 auront des enfants qui seront inscrits à l’ISD

5 parlent couramment français, 3 couramment espagnol 
3 sont des anciens élèves des écoles internationales 

Collectivement, la moyenne du nombre d'années d'expérience dans l'enseignement est 13.

International School of Dakar 
New Hires for 2015-2016 

Melissa Breiter – Pre-K 4 
• 4.5 years experience 
 Worked in China 
 Experienced Head Teacher and Team Leader 

Stephen Bowler – Elementary Physical Education 
 2 years experience 
 Currently working in Honduras, attended international schools in Kenya and Malawi 
 Extensive experience working with young children and coaching soccer, badminton, and tennis (certified Tennis Club Professional) 

Kelly Campbell – Grade 2 
 21 years experience, master’s degree 
 Worked in international schools in Brussels, Tokyo, and Belgrade. 
 Experienced classroom and English Language Learner (ELL) teacher 

Bojana Coulibaly – IB French 
 4 years experience teaching at university level, doctorate from University of Tours in France 
 Taught in France and United States 
 Specializes in West African Literature 

Laura Fitzgerald – Secondary Physical Education/Health 
 Six years experience, master’s degree 
 Taught in U.S. and China 
 Started dance program in current school 
 Extensive experience with using technology in PE 

Audrey Forgeron – IB Film, Video Production 
 26 years experience, master’s degree 
 Taught in Canada, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Chile 
 Worked as a French teacher, PE/Health, and Technology 

Mark Forgeron – Middle School Math 
 26 years experience, undergrad University of Pennsylvania, master’s degree 
 Taught in U.S., Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Chile, Peace Corps in Gabon 
 Fluent in French 
 Coaches multiple sports 
 Veteran middle school educator 

Catharina Gress-Wright – Secondary English 
 4 years experience, bachelor’s Smith, master’s Oxford 
 Grew up in Denmark, IB graduate (earned 42 points) 
 Teach for America alumna, experienced in working with diverse student population 

Jose de la Hera Hernandez – IB Physics, IB Environmental Science 
 9 years experience, master’s 
 Native of Spain 
 Worked in Spain, U.S., and China 
 Five years experience working as an environmental consultant for European Union 

Toni Hillman – Grade 3 
 17 years experience, master’s degree - Johns Hopkins University 
 First time working overseas 
 Extensive experience working with gifted and talented students and differentiating instruction 

Kerry Hurst – IB Chemistry 
 15 years experience, 
 Worked in public and private schools in U.S., internationally in Kenya and Vietnam 
 Veteran IB teacher 
 Soccer coach 

Sitara Englebrecht-Larkin – Middle School Drama and Math 
 8 years experience, all in Africa, Ethiopia and Tanzania, master’s degree 
 Experience as elementary classroom teacher and middle school drama, language arts, math, science, and social studies 
 Graduated from International School of Kuala Lumpur 
 Experienced middle school educator 

Eileen Knobloch – Middle School Guidance Counselor 
 23 years experience, master’s degree 
 15 years as counselor and 8 years as a MS and HS English teacher 
 Worked in U.S., Niger, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and China 

Nancy Magnus – Elementary Art 
 13 years experience, master’s degree 
 Worked in private schools in the US and internationally in South Africa 
 Extensive experience teaching students of all ages art, photography and using technology in education 

Whitney Omosefe – IB Spanish, IB Theory of Knowledge 
 6 years experience, graduate of Princeton University 
 Experience teaching elementary classroom, ELL, Psychology, Religion, and Spanish 
 Teach for America alumna 
 Fluent in French 

Maura O’Reilly – Grade 2 
 14 years experience 
 Worked in international schools in Venezuela and Costa Rica 
 Extensive experience with many of the ISD curriculum standards and instructional programs. 

Trupti Patel – Elementary Instructional Coach 
 21 years experience, master’s degree 
 Worked in US public and private schools, internationally in England and Japan 
 Significant experience with Readers/Writers Workshop, technology and differentiation 

Gary Posner – Secondary School Music 
 2.5 years experience, master’s degree 
 Professional musician 
 Award winning composer 

Terrence Reuwer – Middle School Language Arts 
 4 years experience, master’s degree 
 Worked in Indonesia and China, Peace Corps in Fiji 
 Experienced middle school educator 
 Experienced coach 

Eric Rodine – Activities/Athletic Director 
 22 years experience in education, has worked as an athletic director (9 years experience), assistant principal, reading specialist, social studies teacher, and gifted coordinator, two master’s degrees 
 First time overseas 
 Veteran athletic director and administrator who has experience designing programs for students, mentoring coaches, and working with families. 
 Worked at the elementary, middle and high school level 

Jody Rodine – Pre-K 3 and Learning Support 
 21 years experience, master’s degree 
 First time overseas 

 Experience as classroom teacher, literary specialist, and administrator 

Parking Update

The road beyond the school exit remains closed for parking.  The road belongs to the university housing complex across from the school.  They have been letting us use the road for parking since the beginning of the school year, but have put it off limits as they are going to pave the road.  Work has started on the entrance way, which can be accessed from Ouakam Road and they have worked on the dirt road we have used for parking, clearing rocks and dirt.


We are hopeful we can gain access to the road again for parking once they are finished.  Unfortunately, do not have control over how fast the work is done.  I will update you when I have new information.


La route juste à coté de la sortie de l'école reste fermée au stationnement. Cette route fait partie du complexe de logements universitaires situé en face de l'école.  Depuis le début de l'année scolaire les responsables nous ont autorisé l’accès mais actuellement ils vont paver cette piste qui mènera vers la route de Ouakam.


Une fois qu'ils aurons terminé les travaux, nous espérons pouvoir utiliser à nouveau cette zone pour le stationnement. Malheureusement, nous ne sommes pas en mesure de vous dire combien de temps le projet va durer mais nous vous tiendrons informé de toutes nouvelles informations.

Dr. Alan Knobloch