May 30, 2014

posted May 30, 2014, 9:34 AM by Suzanne WARDINI
End of the Year Celebrations and Farewells 

End of the Year Exams, Events and Celebrations: We are now in the midst of our end of the year activities ranging from final exams, rising class celebrations, graduation, the faculty end of the year dinner, to leave takings for many school families and members of the faculty. It is a busy and intense time for all, yet one to be treasured as our Seniors move into the next stage in their lives, and as many families and staff move on to new schools and locations.

Third Culture Kids: This week’s JaguArts festival included a powerful dramatic piece about the lives of Third Culture Kids (TCKs), who are challenged by the multiple identities and allegiances they build up in a young life of moving between cultures. These changes enrich their lives, even as they require building interpersonal and intercultural communication skills that enhance their resilience as they go forward in their careers. Leaving friends and family are heartfelt experiences in our busy cosmopolitan lives. Teachers and parents can help students face these transitions successfully. Encourage your children to talk with you about the upcoming moves they will make and their anxieties about them. Set up special times, parties, sleepovers, and the like to say goodbye to those special close friends. Fortunately, the chance to sustain friendships over the years is now readily available through email, Skype and social networking. As I like to say to Seniors: “Stay in touch. These friendships you have made at ISD can be lifelong, even as ISD can serve as your virtual hometown.

Farewells: Amazingly, the school year suddenly reaches an end, and I find myself somewhat at a loss for words. I want to thank the board for inviting me to serve as interim director this year. Their support, advice, admonitions and direction have been most welcome as I have sought to bring the school forward across the year. I especially want to recognize our Chair, Vesna De La Borde, for her thorough and thoughtful guidance to me personally and to the board. We have worked well in partnership, board members and administrators, even as I feel that each of them in their various voluntary capacities on committees have helped us accomplish much in the strengthening and furtherance of a positive future for ISD. It has been a pleasure for my wife, Margie, and me to get to know many of you in the ISD community. You have made us feel at home and a part of this wonderful school. We’ll miss those special PTO events like the literary evening and the several dances put on by the ISD PTO band the Wowzers. Wow, this school year has flown by. In the words of an old Woody Guthrie song, let me say: “So long, it’s been good to know you.”