May 9, 2014

posted May 9, 2014, 9:19 AM by Suzanne WARDINI
Help Your Children Prepare for the Completion of this School Year 

We have just completed a very eventful month ending with our AGM, our Strategic Planning team meeting, and the intensive orientation visit of our new Director, Dr. Alan Knobloch. Even as we begin to make our plans for the start of the coming school year, we find the last month of school upon us with all of the final rush of activities, final exams, and culminating events of the year. Please keep you eyes on the school calendar and on additional announcements regarding these upcoming events. In very short order we will reach Senior Graduation and the last day of school on June 12.

I encourage you to pay special attention to your children’s schedules, making sure that they complete their projects, units, homework assignments, community service hours, and, especially their studies for end-of–the-year tests. There will be lots of social activities during this period, so it will be important to balance the fun times with the time and energy needed to finish the school year in good standing. This includes making sure they get the rest and sleep they need. Please help your children focus, in partnership with their teachers, so that they can achieve their scholastic goals.