New Teachers for 2011-12

posted Mar 11, 2011, 6:29 AM by Suzanne WARDINI   [ updated Mar 22, 2011, 3:30 PM ]
Wayne Rutherford, Director

Recruiting season for full time teachers is over for ISD this year. Since October, I’ve been reviewing resumes, searching databases, speaking to other school directors, and skyping candidates to fill our personnel needs for next year. I’m excited about the new folks who will be joining us, and wanted to share a brief preview with parents and students so you have an idea of who is coming. We have a lot to do as we complete 2010-11, but there is also much planning and work going on ‘behind the scenes’ to make sure that 2011-12 is another great year for ISD!

New ISD Teachers

Grade 2: Christy Gates
Christy has five years of ES teaching experience in the elementary grades. She is a literacy specialist and has skills in technology integration. She has a BA from UTexas, and she spent two years in the Peace Corps in South Africa. She's a runner and a yoga enthusiast.

Grade 6 Math/Science: Yunus Kinkhabwala

Yunus is certified in Science and Math, and has two years of experience teaching high school, but is eager to work with middle school kids. He graduated from U. Illinois Urbana with a degree in Physics. He was also in the Peace Corps with Christy in S. Africa. He's been advisor for a Maker's Club where he and students make useful objects out of found materials. He is also a Tech Guy, and has been on the school's technology committee. He enjoys working on motorcycles and scooters. He is also a guitar player, and has played in a campus teacher band at his school in Austin.

Grade 5: Tracy Hill
Tracy has been teaching at the International School of Dhaka for five years, has also taught in Israel for two years, and has a total of 12 years teaching experience. She has an MA in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment from Walden, and a BA in Elementary Education from Salisbury State University. She has trained in many of the educational programs ISD teachers use today.

Operations Manager: Ian Hogg
Ian will be our new Operations Manager and has been at IS Dhaka for five years. Prior to that, he worked in various industries, developing skills that he now employs as the Special Projects Manager. He brings great experience to this new position in our school.

7th and 8th Social Studies: Rodrigo Montiero
Rodrigo brings seven years of experience to ISD, teaching both MS and HS Social Studies. He has an MA in teaching from the University of Bridgeport, and has been teaching overseas for three years, most recently in Bahrain. Rodrigo. He is a dual citizen of the US and Brazil, and was born in Brazil. Rodrigo has various interests and has written four novels and is working on a documentary film about education. He has earned many awards, including being valedictorian from Norwalk Community College and a USA Today Academic All American.

Music: Tony Watters
Tony is an experienced music teacher who will come to us from Vientienne, Laos with his wife Melinda and their two small adopted sons. Tony and Melinda have been in Laos for seven years. Melinda was teaching early childhood, but will not teach next year to stay home with the boys. Tony is working to complete his MA at Boston University. He plays horns in "Vientienne's first funk band,'.

Art: Megan Carpenter

Megan has four years of teaching experience, all at a Charter School in Los Angeles, where she taught HS Art and coached volleyball. She has an MA in Teaching from the Maryland College of Art. She enjoys doing her own art work and is excited about coming to Senegal.