November 15, 2013

posted Nov 15, 2013, 8:06 AM by Suzanne WARDINI

ISD’s Got Talent! 

Starting with last Friday’s Open Talent Night, this Tuesday’s JAGUARTS FEST, and this week’s visiting author events featuring Baba Wague Diakite, students at ISD have displayed their talents in abundance. 

I was deeply impressed at the Open Talent Night with the high level of quality performances of music and dance performed by our students.  Believe me I’ve seen my share of student shows dominated by lip-synching.  Not here at ISD.  All of our students delivered their songs with their own voices, and many of them accompanied themselves, or their cohorts, on musical instruments ranging from keyboards to guitar’s and drums.  Near the end of the show two divas, one Senior, Mapendo Rampa Luhembwe, and one 6th Grader, Jagga Mbaye, belted out an absolutely astonishing duet.  They were followed by a group of high school boys playing an amazing contraption they had invented made of PVC pipes that could be manipulated like a slide trombone!  I was awestruck by the range of talents shared with us Friday night.  The Senior Class is to be complemented for their excellent organization of the event from start to finish. 

Baba Wague Diakite has been sharing his children’s books stories and their illustrations with students in the Lower School and also some Upper School classes.  As an author and illustrator of traditional African tales from Mali, he has been inspiring our students to learn to tell stories and illustrate them as well. 

JAGUARTS FEST provided a wonderful sampling of the kinds of art courses on offer here at ISD and the productions that result from them.  We had galleries of student art on display in the halls of the Upper School, both paintings and photographs, often with accompanying texts.  Drama was performed by the Grade 6 group and by the High School Drama Improv group, who offered plenty of comedic fun for the audiences.  We have some terrific actors and comedians among our students.  Then, too, the 8th Grade and High School songwriters rounded out the evening with their individual compositions, often accompanied by guitar or piano, and, in the high school by a full student back up band.  It was quite amazing to hear the sophisticated level of song writing some of our students have attained during this trimester.  I can easily visualize them launching into successful careers in the not too distant future. 

This week has been replete with the Arts at ISD and I can proudly declare that ISD’s Got Talent!  Kudos to all the participants!!  

Parent Opportunity to Participate in the Google Summit

Parents are welcome to join the Google Summit January, which will be hosted here at the school.  Because ISD is the host, parents may participate at half price for the weekend.  ISD is the first to host this technology conference in West Africa.  Other professionals interested may also participate.  Please see the announcements upcoming from our Technology Director, Rick Park in the coming weeks to learn how to register and participate.